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The Benefits of Mobile Device Management

The Business Benefits of Mobile Device Management from Microsoft 

To be effective, your business’ security strategy needs to be multi-layered and comprehensive. This means properly managing and securing every possible threat vector, including your endpoint devices. How can you do this? Introduce mobile device management (MDM). 

Mobile device management refers to the administration of devices, including phones, laptops and tablets. MDM ensures the proper management of devices’ implementation, operation and maintenance. 

What are the benefits of mobile device management? 

One of the key benefits of mobile device management is that it enables you to reduce your business’ overall risk. MDM allows you to maintain a unified view of your device estate and control the configuration and security settings of your devices. By applying data segregation, securing emails and documents on endpoints and enforcing corporate policies, you can ensure that your company data and resources are properly protected.  

Using MDM solutions allows organisations to ensure that only authorised users and devices can access sensitive information. Additionally, employees can feel confident accessing corporate data from their personal mobile devices, as they know that their device meets their business’ security requirements. 

Which solutions should you be using for mobile device management? 

Microsoft offers a number of solutions that can be used for mobile device management and enhance the security of your estate.  

Microsoft Intune  

Microsoft Intune is a Cloud-based service for mobile device management and mobile application management (MAM). Intune allows you to use the device management approach that works for your specific business needs. For organisation-owned devices, you can enrol users and devices in Intune, meaning that they will automatically receive your security settings through configured policies. This allows you to maintain full control over the devices, including settings, features and security.  

Alternatively, if your business operates using a bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) policy, employees may not want administrators to have complete control over their device. In this case, Intune allows users to enrol their devices if they want to have full access to your organisation’s resources; or they can use application protection policies that require multi-factor authentication (MFA) to use certain business apps such as Microsoft Teams.  

One of the main benefits of Microsoft mobile device management is that you can integrate multiple solutions together for greater protections. Microsoft Intune integrates seamlessly with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Defender for Business to offer your devices the strongest defence. 

Azure Active Directory  

Azure Conditional Access only allows users to access certain resources if they have completed a specific action. Integrating Microsoft Intune with Azure Active Directory Conditional Access allows businesses to create their own Zero Trust security posture. Combining these solutions ensures that only devices being managed by these Microsoft MDM solutions can connect to your business’ servers and access your resources and data. You can retain full knowledge and control of the devices connecting to your environment and can make sure that only compliant devices can access your resources, including email, SharePoint and other applications.  

Microsoft Defender for Business  

Microsoft Intune also integrates with Microsoft Defender for Business to help prevent security breaches on mobile devices and limit the impact of possible threats. Microsoft Defender for Business is a next-generation endpoint protection solution that helps you to reinforce and verify your network’s security perimeter. Compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS and Android operating systems, Microsoft Defender for Business uses advanced antivirus and endpoint detection and response capabilities to protect all your devices from sophisticated attacks. 

Reap the benefits of mobile device management  

The benefits of mobile device management are expansive and far reaching, helping your business to retain visibility and control of your endpoints and, by proxy, your entire security perimeter. To find out more about how Microsoft solutions can help you implement MDM across your business, download our comprehensive Microsoft security eBook today. 

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