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Helping Customers Evolve & Adapt with Covid Management Apps

Helping Customers Evolve & Adapt with Covid Management Apps

Covid19 has brought many changes and challenges to the business world including for ourselves in HCS. Many businesses have had to Evolve & Adapt to new challenges with innovation and creativity.

We have helped many of our customers to adapt to a remote working environment and we  continue to support them as the restrictions look set to continue. Our own repsonse to the crisis involved the development of 3 new apps that we are using internally to help protect our staff and follow the public health guidelines. As part of our ongoing support to customers we are offered these apps to their business FREE OF CHARGE. 


SWIPEIN is an app that we built using MS Power Platform that automates the contact gathering and health screening process for visitors to a premises.

The app can be accessed via a touchscreen (we have it mounted on the wall inside our main door) or on a desktop at any entry point. A visitor can input their contact details and answer 5 quick questions relating to their current health status. The app also notifies the staff member they are visiting  of  their arrival by email. See video.


ONLINE HEALTH ASSESMENT: We have also built an online form using MS Forms that can be emailed out prior to a person’s visit which they complete online. Click to view form.


HCS LEARN365 is an online learning portal for staff using Microsoft 365. It has helpful tips, tricks and videos on using Microsoft Solutions like Teams, Outlook etc . It has a news section where you can share company news and also practical advice for working from home and being cyber security aware. LEARN365 gives staff quick access to the information they need to be more productive and more secure while remote. See video


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Migrate To A Cloud Telecoms Solution During Covid-19

Migrate To A Cloud Telecoms Solution During Covid-19

Now more than ever a robust phone system is essential to your business. Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak many employees are forced to work from home with short notice, forcing businesses to quickly react to this necessity.

A HCS Cloud Telecoms Solution can allow your business to maintain communication amongst employees, ensuring that your customers’ service is unaffected by Covid-19 restrictions.

Is a Cloud Telecoms Solution the right choice for you?

Increased Security

Storing data or hosting a system outside of your business’ network may be daunting to some businesses, however, the cloud is an incredibly secure method to store data and host systems. To learn more, contact our expert team today.

Access Anywhere

A HCS Cloud Telecoms Solution allows you to receive calls even when you cannot be in the office! Receive calls through your computer using the softphone feature or take calls and access your mailbox on the go with our mobile application.

Keep Your Business Talking

Like other Cloud Solutions, a Cloud Telecoms Solution has unbeatable uptime, allowing your business to effectively react to a disaster with ease, ensuring you are contactable to customers when they need you most.

Lower Costs & Improved Efficiency

What first attracts businesses to Cloud Telecoms Solutions is the cost. Adopting a Cloud Telecom Solution means that there is no need to invest in bulky on-site equipment, nor pay for its regular maintenance. Reducing costs using Cloud Telecoms is an attractive proposition for businesses as it does not compromise the quality of your phone system.

Book Your FREE Cloud Telecoms Consultation Today!

Share and Schedule in Skype for Business

Share and Schedule in Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a useful tool to help your team communicate and collaborate during their workday. Using Skype for Business you can share content, schedule meetings and stay in touch with your team with Skype’s instant messaging capabilities. To learn how to use these functions effectively, see below or to learn more, contact our sales team!

Share your desktop or a program

in a conversation window or messaging window:

1.Select Share Content and select an option:

  • Share your Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop
  • Share a Window and double-click the program or window you want to display

2.Select Stop Sharing when you’re done.

skype for business, Skype for business meeting,

Send a file in an IM

  • Drag the file from File Explorer to the conversation window, or
  • Copy the file or image you want to send, and paste it into the conversation window.

Everyone in the conversation will receive a notification, which they can accept or decline.

Send a file when you’re not in a conversation

1.Select the contacts from your contacts list.

2.Drag the file onto the selection

The selected contacts will receive a notification, which they can accept or decline.

skype for business, Skype for business meetings, instant messaging Skype, Microsoft

Change your presence status

Your presence status is automatically set based on your Outlook calendar. To manually change it:

  • Select the status arrow below your name.
  • Select the presence indicator you want to display.

To undo, or have Skype for Business automatically update your status, select Reset Status.

Join a Skype for Business meeting

There are multiple ways to join a Skype for Business meeting:

Select the Meetings icon in the Skype for Business window, and then double-click the meeting to join.

Select Join Skype Meeting in an Outlook meeting request.

Select Join Online in an Outlook meeting reminder.

skype, skype for business, Skype for business meetings, Microsoft

Schedule a Skype for Business meeting

In Outlook or Outlook Online:

1.Open your Outlook calendar

2.Select Home > New Skype Meeting

3.Complete the meeting request

Skype, Skype for Business, Meetings, Skype for Business meetings, Microsoft, Microsoft Skype

We are hiring – IT Support Technician

We are hiring – IT Support Technician

IT Support Technician wanted for our Waterford based IT Service Desk in Cleaboy Business Park.


Salary range €22-28K PA depending on experience and qualifications.

HCS are seeking an IT Support Technician to join our service desk team which supports our growing customer base.

Skills and Experience required:

  • Some experience in an IT support role.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft software, MS Windows, MS Office, Office 365.
  • Knowledge of networking, firewalls and routers an advantage.
  • Working knowledge of wired and wireless networking.
  • Good trouble shooting skills with an ability to solve problems.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential.
  • An IT qualification an advantage and/or any Microsoft certification a distinct advantage.


A career plan will be mapped out for the successful candidate and there will be ongoing in-house and professional training provided. Employee incentive scheme in place, free healthcare, gym membership and many other benefits.

Join a winning team! Contact us!

Call Sean Hegarty on 087 2362420 or email your CV to shegarty@hcs.ie


Windows 10 Should I upgrade or not?

Windows 10 Should I upgrade or not?

Windows 10 FREE upgrade from Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 is available until 29th July 2016. After this date you will have to pay for the upgrade (price unknown as of yet) or the alternative is to buy a new PC/laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed. So should you upgrade or not?

While Microsoft will declare many new features and benefits around functionality, speed and security which for majority of users is irrelevant the single reason to upgrade in our opinion is Windows 8.0 or 8.1. Windows 8.0 and 8.1 is not a pleasant experience for the business desktop user due to its metro style interface and the removal of the start button. Windows 8.0 and 8.1 was more tablet focused and forget about the business desktop user.

Windows 10 however solves this and puts the business desktop users back into the user experience again. The Windows start button is back and while its more modern than Windows 7, Windows 10 in our opinion combines the best of Windows 7 and 8 to give a singular device wide experience for every user including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
In our opinion if you are using Windows 8.0 or 8.1 you should upgrade to benefit from a better desktop experience. If you are using Windows 7 then it’s a matter of preference.

What you need to consider before upgrading?

While system requirements for Windows 10 is minimal for a modern desktop PC, you need at least 16GB of free disk space. The most important thing to consider are the applications you run and do they support Windows 10? (eg. Sage, Quickbooks, Dynamics etc..)

Test Windows 10

If you have a number of PC’s to upgrade on your network HCS recommends upgrading 1 pc to start with as a test. Work with Windows 10 for a period of time to ensure every application or peripheral device that your company uses works as expected. After a successful trial roll out to all other users.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 and need help, speak to your account manager at HCS today or contact sales@hcs.ie.