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HCS designed and deployed an IT solution tailored to Shorla’s unique needs, and monitors and manages all IT functions for the company.


Shorla Oncology’s mission is to re-think, re-imagine, and improve on existing oncology treatments. Working with world-renowned key opinion leaders and first-in-class research scientists, its team merges experience and innovation to solve real-world clinical problems. Its aim is to greatly improve patients’ lives by integrating these innovative solutions into effective oncology treatments.


As Shorla was a startup with no existing technology framework in place, HCS was tasked with building the company’s entire IT infrastructure from the ground up.

Security and compliance are of the utmost importance as Shorla operates in a highly regulated industry, and the company needed to safeguard its sensitive data. With offices in Ireland and abroad, Shorla also needed to effectively connect dispersed teams who were working across different locations and time zones.


HCS designed and deployed an IT solution tailored to Shorla’s unique needs, and monitors and manages all IT functions for the company. The solution is primarily cloud-based, and employee devices are the company’s only physical infrastructure. Security is built into everything we do for our customers, and effective cyber and data security was the priority for an organisation dealing with critical data on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Shorla operates in Ireland and the U.S. and employees regularly travel internationally for business, which means that effective collaboration between teams is crucial. HCS implemented an end-to-end Microsoft365 solution with capabilities across Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive to enable remote working and collaboration.




HCS’ system underpins Shorla’s operations and, in turn, enables the company to research, develop, and roll out its products and services. Shorla is about to launch its first life-saving oncology drug, having recently received U.S. FDA approval.

The solution proactively secures all aspects of the organisation, from employee devices and data storage to email and web hosting. HCS onboards new employees to the IT system and manages permissions to maintain high levels of security. The system is fully compliant and ensures that the right people have access to the right information. All of the company’s critical data is securely backed up to ensure peace of mind.

The Microsoft365 suite enables effective collaboration between teams operating in different locations. HCS manages and remotely monitors all company devices, meaning a speedy response and little or no downtime in the event of an incident.

HCS’ system is fully flexible and scalable in line with business growth. The company wanted to be as paperless as possible and working from a cloud-based system is helping it to achieve its sustainability goals.

HCS provides ongoing support with a remote helpdesk, access to highly trained engineers and a 24/7 emergency support facility.




“This top-to-bottom IT solution from HCS gives us the confidence to roll out our services in the knowledge that our data and operations are fully secure and compliant. The system and services provided by HCS ensures our employees are enabled to do their jobs effectively, even when working in different regions and time zones. HCS’ support is proactive and reliable which is crucial for us, particularly as our team is dispersed.”

Orlaith Ryan

Co Founder and CTO , Shorla Oncology

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