Zulty's Phone Systems & Unified Communications

Designed for medium and large enterprises Zulty’s Phone Systems & Unified Communications allows your business to uilise mobility and teleworker support with ease and ensure your team are always connected.


Zulty’s Unified Communications & Contact Centre Phone Systems

Ideally suited for medium and large enterprises, the Zulty’s IP Business Phone System is a world-class leader in providing Unified Communications and Call Centre solutions. Zultys can be commissioned as an on-premises solution or as a hosted solution depending on your needs.

With the MX series of IP phone systems, workers are unified across the enterprise into a single communication system regardless of their location, even if they are on the road using their mobile phone.

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Unified Communications

Businesses today need to enable employees to stay productive and accessible whether they are at their desks, in a remote office, or mobile – on their smart phone, tablet or laptop – Anywhere and Everywhere!

With Zulty’s MX Unified Communications platform you get all that and more! You can keep business communications and operations moving smoothly, using voice, IM, presence, full call control, unified messaging and more!

More info at www.zultys.com

Mobility & Teleworker Support

Key Zulty’s Mobile Features:

  • Real-time presence of all employees
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Contact Center Agent Capability
  • Corporate directory and extension dialing
  • Full contact list and address book integration
  • Phone Email integration lets you email contacts right from Zultys Mobile
  • Instant Messaging (IM) & IM alerts
  • Call logs and history

Key Teleworker Features:

  • Automatic NAT traversal allows any phone with a DID to be fully connected to the corporate network
  • Zultys IP phone system offers secure connectivity without needing an external VPN server
  • Complete corporate communications system access including:
    • Full call handling, including Find Me/Follow Me to 16 locations, call forwarding and more
    • Corporate directory and extension dialing
    • Support extends to 3rd party analogue/TDM devices, IP and SIP devices, mobile phones and satellite phones

The Zultys MXconnect™ feature lets you easily deploy remote ‘Teleworker’ phones without needing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. ANY phone number (e.g. your home office phone) can be an extension of your office.

Multi-Site and Branch Offices

MXnetwork architecture

Zultys’ unique MXnetwork architecture allows multi-site businesses with branch offices across the country and around the world to seamlessly integrate into a single Unified Communications system. Every employee at every location may be contacted simply by dialing their extension number. Staff may seamlessly roam from office to office and always be accessible. Contact centre agents may be located at any site, allowing staff resources to be utilised more efficiently and to provide “Follow the Sun” extended business hours for call centres.

Multi-site telephony

Zultys takes a fully distributed approach to multi-site telephony so as to ensure there is no single point of failure. The intelligence to make call routing decisions is shared across all systems with each location having a fully self-contained IP phone system complete with local voicemail, ACD, presence and instant messaging services that continue to operate even when IP connectivity to other locations is lost.

MX-SE, MX250 and MXvirtual IP phone systems

Multiple Zulty’s MX series of IP phone systems deployed as part of an MXnetwork provides unrivalled flexibility while remaining incredibly simple to deploy and manage. Customers can combine the on-premises MX250 or MX-SE and cloud-based MXvirtual in a hybrid solution to enable system redundancy and disaster prevention.

  • Seamlessly connect Headquarters and Branch Offices into one Unified Communications Solution
  • No single point of failure; each location remains fully operational in the event of a WAN outage
  • Users may roam between locations and continue to receive calls on their extension or phone number via advanced hot-desking
  • Fully distributed call control ensures no single point of failure or need to rely on a centralized call management server
  • Distributed voice mail system ensures calls may be handled by voice mail even when a remote location is unreachable
  • Save money on internal and external call costs by routing calls over a data network between locations
  • It only takes a few minutes to activate a branch office phone system on a Zulty’s-based network
  • Support offices ranging in size from 5 to 1,000 users
  • Scale to 10,000 users across 128 locations
  • Micro-sites, where only a small number of users are located can use individual IP handsets connected via the internet to Headquarters
  • Manage all system configuration options from anywhere on your network, thereby greatly reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Inter-site calls are automatically compressed to ensure efficient use of available bandwidth

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