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Why Your Business Should Move From Excel To Power BI

Traditionally, Microsoft Excel has been the general reporting tool for businesses around the world. However, Power BI offers incredible insights and reporting features for businesses. PowerBI allows businesses to quickly and easily create visualisations, statistical functions & calculations across numerous datasets, this allows you to easily understand business data and to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Easily Understand Data & Recognise Trends

Uncovering and analysing trends has become incredibly easy with Power BI. Using Power BI it takes seconds to view large amounts of data. By viewing data in various dimensions and categories, such as data/time dimensions you can easily under trends and data.

Unique Security Features

Power BI allows you to add Row Level Security (RLS) to datasets, something that was once complicated to do in Excel can now be easily done for various groups, with no coding knowledge required.

A common example of RLS is ensuring that only employees within particular locations can see data, or these employees can only see data relevant to them.

Adding these filters can be easily done and eliminates the risk of an unauthorised team member accessing sensitive data from an Excel file.

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Help Your Team Understand Business Data With Attractive Visualisations

Using Power BI you can create rich, interactive data visualisations that allow your team to easily understand complex data. These visualisations also empower your team to discover their own insights, with little knowledge required.

Cloud Service Integration

Power BI was created to integrate with other Microsoft tools, such as Excel files, SharePoint docs or SQL databases. However, Power BI is not limited to these. As Power BI is a cloud-based service, it can extract data from various other sources, such as Salesforce, SAP, Google Analytics, MailChimp and much more! Through accessing a wider range of data, you can better leverage insights and improve operational processes involving sharing data.

Data Is Centralised

Using Power BI analysing data has never been so easy as you can view all sources of data in one dashboard! Power BI can help you manage and maintain insights while making it easy to compare datasets, apply analytics or chart and visualise reports. As data modelling is the primary service of Power BI, you do not have to model data in native systems prior to use, all your team has to do is extract data from its source (cloud, on-prem or a hybrid system).

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