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Is It Time To Upgrade Your IT Systems?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your IT Systems?
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Many SMBs are aware of the importance and benefits of technology. However, in recent years, technology has become a key element in the strategies of many businesses allowing them to grow and expand at a rate that would not have been possible without the power of IT. However, although IT is an essential aspect of a business, it must be maintained and the primary part of maintaining IT systems is upgrading them when required.

Although businesses understand the strategic benefits of IT many businesses may delay or postpone essential upgrades, which in turn may affect business continuity and the efficiency of many processes.

Why should businesses upgrade their IT systems?

Increased Productivity

Productivity can be greatly affected by outdated IT systems. Faster hard drives, processors and possibly migrating your business to cloud computing can all benefit your team’s productivity. Allowing them to work smarter with IT, while reaching targets and KPIs.


Recent advancements in technology allow businesses to work with increased efficiency. Cloud computing is a prime example of how technology can allow team members to work more efficiently by accessing data from any location and device. This enables employees to work remotely and to increase their efficiency within their department.

Secured Data

Because outdated systems may not be as secure as their modern counterparts, it is essential to maintain up to date IT systems to ensure your business’ sensitive data remains secure from potential cyber threats. Many businesses who utilise Windows 7 are now beginning the process of upgrading to Windows 10 before the Windows 7 End of Support deadline on January 14, 2020. After this deadline passes, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 devices, nor will it provide security patches or updates. This will leave Windows 7 devices vulnerable to cyber threats.

Streamlined Training

Older systems often have dated interfaces and can be difficult to navigate. Although team members who have worked in your business for many years may utilise these systems with ease, it may be difficult for new team members to be trained on these. Modern IT systems have updated interfaces which allows team members to learn how to use these IT systems appropriately with ease. Streamlined training can also assist your business in becoming more secure against modern cyber threats.

Employee Morale

Outdated software can be a source of continuous frustration for team members, this may hinder their role and cause unnecessary delays. This can leave employees disgruntled, which could affect their motivation and overall happiness in their role.

Learn more about upgrading your IT systems and start your upgrade journeywith our team of experts!

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