Time to Evolve & Adapt

Time to Evolve & Adapt
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Covid-19 has changed how we work and where we work from. As business retreat from lockdown in various stages , I am sure you are been challenged as to how your business can evolve and adapt to the necessary changes that allows your staff to return to work or work more permanently from home.

Fortunately, technology is a key enabler and “the cloud” can help you. What seemed something to look at in the future “the cloud” and its associated solutions is open for business and it will help you evolve and adapt to the new world of work.

Here’s how.

  1. By moving your complete IT network to the “the Cloud” such as Servers, Applications (Sage, Dynamics etc) and Desktops. This ensures everyone can access the same systems no matter where they are, from any device, 24/7 hours a day.
  2. By moving your phone system to the cloud, you can communicate effectively with your customers and suppliers as you have always done with ease.
  3. By adapting to more modern methods of communication with your staff using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This more visual and modern communication method can also work extremely well with your customers and suppliers negating the need to go to site while adhering to the social distance rules set by government.
  4. By using the power of your Microsoft 365 subscription, you may have access to SharePoint, OneDrive and the Power Platform. These productivity solutions will allow you to evolve your business process and adapt to physical distance that now separates your staff.

e.g. An invoice approval process that involved a physical piece of paper being dropped in someone’s in tray which was then signed and handed back to the accounts in tray, becomes difficult. Using SharePoint and the Power Platform this becomes an easy approval process that requires no paper and can be done from anywhere.


What hasn’t changed in the past few weeks is the need for security.

  • Security against cybercrime is still a huge threat and the reality is that most businesses have loosened their grip on security when the lockdown was announced. What was supposed to be temporary is now long term so you must implement long term security solutions to protect against cybercrime.
  • Security against internal data theft or misuse of company data will become an increasing threat as it was much easier to secure your data when it was in one location but now it’s everywhere your staff have access to it and on every device they accessed it from.


As a business HCS has had to evolve and adapt over the past few weeks and we recognise that it takes effort and that change is not easy.  However, “the Cloud” has allowed it to happen for us and it can do the same for you.  HCS would not have been able to provide the same level of service to our customers from the home offices, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc. as we are doing, had we not had the benefits and functionality of “the Cloud” or without our cloud hosted phone system.


We want to help you achieve what we are doing.

  • We want you to adapt and use “the Cloud”.
  • We want to help you modernise your communications with a cloud-based phone system and Teams or Zoom.
  • We want to show you how easy it is to evolve your business processes using SharePoint and the Power Platform.
  • We want to continue to protect your business against cybercrime and other security threats.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us:

  • How can I move to “the Cloud”?
  • How can I modernise my communication methods?
  • How can I use the power of Microsoft 365?
  • How can I stay secure?


We’d be happy to assist as we all evolve and adapt to this new world of work. Keep safe.

Contact us today and ask how we can help you Evolve & Adapt

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