TechSecure - IT Security Audits

Identify the gaps in your IT Security?

Secure and protect your business with a choice of TechSecure audits.

If you want to find out the steps you need to take to become GDPR compliant & protect your data then our GDPR Protect Audit is for you.
If you are looking for an audit to determine your level of vulnerability to ransomware then our TechSecure Ransomware Audit is for you.
If you want a more detailed and broader audit on data security and IT systems security then choose a full TechSecure Audit.

TechSecure – GDPR Protect Audit

On May 25th 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation came into force. This new legislation increases the obligation of businesses that hold PI data to ensure they protect their data to reasonable effect by having the proper systems in place.

HCS can help you become compliant for GDPR and protect your data with our GDPR Protect Audit. This audit will help you establish security controls to prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and data breaches within your company.

Our Approach

Our GDPR Protect Audit will appraise your current levels of data protection and will provide the necessary steps you need to take to become compliant. Once the audit is complete you will receive a detailed report and the opportunity to discuss what you need to put in place and develop to ensure compliance while protecting your data.

Contact HCS now to protect and safeguard your data with GDPR Protect.


GDPR Protect audit from €750

TechSecure – Ransomware Audit (specifically designed for SMBs)

Are you a small or medium sized business owner and do you wonder if your business is protected against the modern day threats of cybercrime especially ransomware? If you are unsure then a TechSecure Ransomware Audit will provide you with the answers you need.

The TechSecure Ransomware Audit reviews the various elements of your IT systems and ensures that all the entry doors where ransomware can enter your IT systems are closed. Don’t leave the doors open contact us to get secure today.

Our Approach

Our technical experts will carry out an assessment of your IT systems. Issues found that can be fixed without having user impact or cost implications will be fixed immediately. On completion, you will be issued with a detailed report and the opportunity to discuss it further with our Technical Team.


Close the doors to Ransomware from €400

TechSecure – Full Audit

The modern-day threats posed by cybercrime, employees and IT systems could have a devastating effect on a business should it suffer a loss of IT systems or data for whatever reason, even for a short period of time. Business owners need to protect their business against such events in a multi-layered approach that involves a range of IT services and solutions and by taking the necessary actions to be prepared.

HCS provides a comprehensive practical approach to Securing and Protecting your business with a complete audit and assessment of your business. The outcome will inform the business owner where they are versus best practice and what actions they need to take to secure and protect their business.

Our Approach

HCS will approach this audit as a 2 to 4 day project (pending on the site of your business) over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. An initial questionnaire will be sent to the company to complete where possible. An onsite senior engineer will attend site to complete the questionnaire and review all systems and policies.  HCS will assess your IT systems under the following headings:

• User Accounts Security

• Company Policies (Internet, email, remote, BYOD)

• Servers

• Workstations (desktops/laptops)

• Network equipment

• Vulnerability/Penetration testing

• Backups

• Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

• Remote Access

• Wireless

• Email

• Internet Access

• File shares

• Tablets/Smartphones

• Printing Security

• Application Security

Following that review, the senior engineer will complete their report and follow up with another visit to review.