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HCS Business Solutions - The IT Partner Of Ireland's Solicitors

HCS Business Solutions is the chosen IT Partner of many Irish solicitors! We have the proven expertise in all areas of IT, allowing your business to remain compliant and assured all sensitive data is secure and protected against modern cyber threats.

We Are The Chosen IT Partner For Irish Solicitors

Each day, solicitors across Ireland utilise IT systems and networks to access both confidential business information and sensitive information regarding their clients. From communicating with colleagues and customers, to sharing contracts, documents and detailed sensitive data. Solicitors require robust IT Systems that allow them to work efficiently and effectively while maintaining compliance among various regulations. Cloud computing is seen as an essential requirement of business worldwide, and solicitors are no different. Cloud computing has enabled solicitors to share documents with colleagues, access documents while out of the office, be it during client meetings or working remotely. As solicitors work with confidential data on a daily basis, it is essential that solicitors not only ensure data is secure but also to have an effective Data Recovery plan in place in the event of data loss. HCS Business Solutions are recognised experts in Managed IT Security and can ensure your data is protected and backed up regularly to avoid business continuity being impeded in the event of a disaster. This also ensures that solicitors are operating within data protection regulations, such as GDPR.

As technology is continuously evolving, many businesses partner with HCS Business Solutions to support and manage their IT systems with our Outsourced & Manager IT Services. This not only allows you to focus on your core business, but also ensure business uptime and maintenance.

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Who Are We?

We are HCS Business Solutions. Established in 1994, and with offices in Dublin and Waterford, HCS Business Solutions provides Outsourced & Managed IT Services, IT System Upgrades, Managed IT Security, SharePoint Consultancy, Bespoke Software Development, Microsoft Cloud Services & Managed Telecoms to businesses of all sizes throughout Ireland. We work with Irish businesses like yours to help you work smarter with IT, allowing you to achieve better results in less time. It’s about knowing where you want your business to go and how IT can help you get there. Let us assist you in working smarter with IT so that it no longer restricts you, but sets you free, and gives you the tools you need to succeed in business.

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