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We are experts in Web, Cloud, Mobile and Desktop software development and consulting using Microsoft Technologies.

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Our Software Development Team have the proven knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative and cost-effective business software solutions based on your business needs, primarily utilising Microsoft Technologies. Our team of industry-leading experts are proficient in web, cloud, mobile and desktop software development and consulting services. As Microsoft Gold Partners we have the proven knowledge to provide solutions that will deliver results for your business, using our team of developers and consultants to create intuitive software solutions.

Many businesses have come to realise that off-the-shelf software solutions can act as barriers to their business rather than assets. Many businesses are also hoping to upgrade outdated systems that once worked well for the business but has not grown with the business.

Using software that no longer benefits your business can cause many issues within your business, such as; manual errors, time-consuming systems, outdated processes, overworked team members, data discrepancies and inaccurate reports and data forecasting.

Custom Development Sevices

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Cloud Applications

Web Based Software

What type of software do we develop?

We build custom software for Web, Mobile, Cloud and Desktop. As Microsoft Gold Partners we have the proven knowledge and expertise to deliver functional and user-friendly software solutions. We work with businesses across Ireland to provide unique and bespoke solutions to improve processes.

Still unsure about how custom software can help your business?

A custom software development can lower overheads and save your business money! When working with a bespoke software solution, it is important to remember, software does not replace the human element of your business. It simply helps your team members to work more efficiently and become more productive!

Looking to develop new custom software or re-write something old?

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Why develop a bespoke Software Solution?

Off-the-shelf applications are generally made with all businesses in mind. These software applications often do not fulfil business needs and generally have features that do not apply to your business and therefore remain unused. A bespoke Software Development can provide many benefits to businesses, such as;

Upgrade Existing Software

Business processes change over time and software that was once efficient can often hinder a business’ productivity when it becomes outdated. When this occurs an upgraded bespoke Software Solution can improve processes within your business.

Streamline Your Business Processes

Automate your business processes and improve the productivity of your team with a bespoke Software Solution from HCS Business Solutions. Our Software Developers will ensure that your development is perfectly tailored for your business.

Improve KPIs

A bespoke Software Development can help you manage your business’ SLAs and KPIs. Through the development of information dashboards and alert systems, etc, you can monitor all tasks, orders and processes while ensuring that tasks are completed within suitable timeframes.

Go Mobile

Through the development of a mobile app, your business can interact with your customers and partners, this allows you to work from anywhere and on any mobile device. Through a mobile app development, you can interact with your customers and partners in real-time 24/7!

Our Developers and Consultants will be with you every step of your Software Development journey

Software Development

Writing code is a small part of the Software Development Process. Our Software Development Team and Consultants strive to fully understand your business needs in order to create a solution that works for your business. Our team of developers are experienced consultants and work with our customers to ensure the development process is as productive as possible. This means that when you meet with our development team you can have a sensible business-focused discussion that will lead to a custom software development that will work for your business. Your custom development will be designed in an ‘agile environment‘, which means you will be kept up-to-date with small updates as opposed to one large specification that nobody will read. This style also allows you to review the software as it is developed and to suggest changes and improvements. As changes in a business can be opposed, we will work with you to develop a change management process to ensure your team utilise the software efficiently. While you are getting used to your new software development, we will be there to help you every step of the way. Our after development support will ensure that your development is working efficiently within your business and any issues will be quickly addressed if and when they arise. Quality is at the core of everything we do at HCS Business Solutions. We have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 which recognises excellence in quality management.

We have developed custom Software Solutions for many nationwide businesses

We are proud to have developed innovative software projects for some of Ireland’s best-known companies and for lots of our existing IT clients. These include;

Partner with HCS Business Solutions and benefit from our expertise in Software Development. Contact us to arrange your FREE software consultation!

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