Smartply Zultys Case Study

Smartply Zultys Case Study
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Smartply Europe Ltd: Global Irish producer of sustainable, highly engineered Plywood chooses Zultys.

SmartPly Europe Ltd are part of the Coillte and Medite group of companies. SmartPly ToughPly is a fully certified, legal and sustainable OSB alternative to tropical plywood. The highly engineered and enhanced moisture resistant double – sided, pre coated structural OSB3 panel is designed for a variety of timber applications. SmartPly’s manufacturing plant and sales office is based in Waterford, Ireland with additional sales offices based in UK and mainland Europe.


“Our 3Com NBX primary PBX had gone end of life and we needed to replace it with a system that embraced and incorporated all the new Unified Communications features and functionality on offer today so as to future proof our business” said Ger Behan, IT Manager for Smartply. “I was conscious however, that with big brand name phone systems came significant upfront and ongoing costs so I was prepared to carry out an indepth analysis of the market to find the best solution for Smartply given our requirements and budget, I had a number of key questions? ” Key questions for Ger Behan were ;
1) Is it a refined and seamlessly integrated solution?
2) Is the solution simple. Can I manage it in-house?
3) Is it value for money in todays market?


One of Zultys’ unique selling points is that its PBX systems comprise of just one device. These devices incorporate all functions of the system whereas big name competitors use multiple servers and devices to achieve the same thing. The advantage of a single device is simple management and simple disaster recovery.
The Zultys team at HCS audited Smartply’s business communications requirements and designed a solution that would meet the stated requirements. From a future proofing perspective any new features and functionality required could be easily added by simply applying a license. Downtime was not an option, the implementation had to be seamless. The team at HCS built a complete solution in their advanced ICT test lab and the changeover to the new Zultys system was implemented in one evening for all users with zero business downtime. SmartPly’s systems were connected using vLANS on their CISCO switches and HCS installed the Zultys system the same way. The total cost of the solution came in at 30% less than big name brands and the ongoing annual costs are 50% less.


“The Zultys solution came in at significantly less up front cost than other big brand names and in my opinion it’s really a simple fully integrated solution and I know that the ongoing costs are going to be significantly less than other big brand names.” said Ger Behan, “Our transition from old system to new Zultys system was seamless and the increased functionality and features are far superior to the previous system. It just works, we are delighted with our Zultys system”.

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