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In partnership with our two sister organisations, HCS Software and HCS Telecom, we offer a comprehensive range of communication and IT solutions, giving businesses of any size the complete package to address their diverse communication needs.

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HCS Telecom is an experienced provider of Telecom Solutions, offering VOIP and hosted voice and data solutions to enterprises and SMEs. The team has vast experience in helping businesses bridge technology and communication needs. Whether a larger enterprise or SME, HCS Telecom delivers tailored, competitive solutions to keep you connected in the digital landscape.
HCS Telecom
HCS Software
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HCS Software is a dedicated provider of customised software solutions, designed to solve unique business challenges while boosting productivity and trimming operational costs. With a keen focus on tailoring software to specific needs, the experienced team empower enterprises and SMEs to streamline their operations efficiently. Whether it’s automating processes or creating intuitive interfaces, HCS Software ensures that businesses can adapt, thrive, and stay cost-effective in an ever-evolving technological landscape.