Does Your Business Have A Remote Working Plan For Covid-19? - HCS

Does Your Business Have A Remote Working Plan For Covid-19?

Does Your Business Have A Remote Working Plan For Covid-19?
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Does your business have a plan if Covid-19 means your team has to work from home?

If you google ‘Covid-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’, in between updates on confirmed cases, you will find recommendations to businesses urging them to be prepared for their employees to work from home. Even large multinational companies with offices in Ireland, such as Google, LinkedIn and Twitter sent employees home to ‘self-isolate’. This, in fact, was a test by these companies to see if it would be possible to have their large teams work efficiently at home.

Given the continued spread of Covid-19, businesses should have a Work From Home Plan to not only prepare for Covid-19 but also future crises.

But what should your Work From Home Plan include? We’ve compiled a list below to help you get organised and prepared!

Can Your Team Access Their Documents?

Do you have a VPN set up to allow your team to access their essential documents and apps? Creating a VPN allows your employees to connect to a terminal server which enables them to gain access to their data and apps while outside the office.

Beware: Accessing files through a VPN increases the risks of data being stored on your employees’ personal devices, increasing the risk of a data breach.

Alternatively, if your employees have access to the cloud, they can securely log in and work from the cloud, allowing them to access data and work collaboratively on documents with ease. Through enabling Multi-Factor Authentication you can maintain security while employees work remotely

Utilise Office 365

If your business utilises Office 365, then great news, your team can remotely access their emails and documents stored in the cloud from any device! They can also access their much-needed applications, such as SharePoint, Word, Excel, Team, Outlook, etc.

We recommend that you ensure each employee has enabled Multi-Factor Authentication to maximise security. To learn more about Office 365 & Multi-Factor Authentication contact our team today!

Do Your Employees Have The Relevant Hardware?

Do you need to provide every person in your business with a laptop? Possibly, however, if you utilise Cloud Computing, your employees can access their documents and apps through any device.

Do Employees Have Access To Essential Applications?

Unlike Office 365 apps, business essential apps such as Sage, etc do not give employees automatic access while working remotely. Access to these will have to be arranged ahead of time to ensure employees can continue to use them.

Do You Have Cloud Telecoms?

HCS Cloud Telecoms, much like Cloud Computing, allows employees to access their office phone from any device and any location, through using a softphone feature or a mobile app.  This ensures your teams can communicate with each other and customers without any disruptions.

To further enhance communication while working remotely, businesses can embrace a Video Conference Tool to enable face-to-face communication no matter where you are!

What Is Your BYOD Policy?

Many businesses have a Bring Your Own Device Policy, which explains the various guidelines to working from a personal device. This ensures that your business remains GDPR compliant, while also ensuring data integrity and security is maintained at all times. These devices should also have an up-to-date Anti-Virus Software to maximise security.

If your business needs help in preparing for Covid-19 and the eventuality of working remotely, contact our team today! Schedule a call with a HCS Business Solutions Expert and we’ll ensure you are prepared! For more email or click the button below!

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