Red Mills Zultys IP Phone System Case Study

Red Mills Zultys IP Phone System Case Study
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Connolly’s RED MILLS, a global Irish producer of high performance equine feeds and pet food chooses Zultys IP Phone Systems.

The name you can trust when it comes to producing premium high-performance equine feeds and pet foods. Connolly’s expertise in research and innovation has been built up over five generations and is supported by some of the most technologically advanced plant and processes in the world. The customer base is global ranging from the UK and Ireland to continental Europe, the USA, Japan and the Far East.


“We’re a company that has always embraced new technology to improve our products, processes and customer experience,” said Gareth Connolly, Sales and Marketing Director for Connolly’s RED MILLS. “So we’re very aware of the benefits we could achieve through having integrated contact center (ICC) functionality on our phone system. We just weren’t seeing the benefits materialise with the phone system we had implemented.”
Connolly’s RED MILLS were not seeing the benefits of the system they had implemented in terms of cost or functionality, and in addition to this, the smooth running of their vitally important contact center was being affected and that’s when they decided they needed a better solution.


The Zultys team at HCS audited Connolly’s business communications requirements and designed a solution that would result in both better performance and functionality with an immediate return on investment. Downtime was not an option, the implementation had to be seamless. The team at HCS built a complete solution in their advanced ICT test lab and the changeover to the new Zultys system was implemented in one evening for all users with zero business downtime.
The key area for Connolly’s RED MILLS was the Customer Contact Centre. With the new MX250 in place, the customer services team handles thousands of inbound calls each week. Using MXIE (UC Client) & ICC features they are able to work much more effectively than before and there are no more issues. With multiple reporting options available to managers and supervisors, through MXreports, they now have clear visibility on all aspects of call traffic, routing, agent rostering and resource allocation for peak traffic times allowing effective use and management of resources.


“The Zultys solution paid for itself in no time” said Gareth Connolly, “Our transition to Zultys was seamless and the increased functionality and features are far superior to the previous system. It just works, we couldn’t be happier with our Zultys system”.

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