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Protect your email against sophisticated cyber attacks

Protect your email against sophisticated cyber attacks
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Keeping your data protected from constantly evolving, aggressive malware threats is a worry for companies of all sizes these days. Email has become so critical to day-to-day business that hackers cleverly and frequently infiltrate internal networks via email, embedding harmful malware and other programs with false promotional emails or company communications. With one click, an unsuspecting user can download a number of harmful viruses and unknowingly compromise their companies data and their systems. With these seemingly increasing brazen cyber attacks, its very hard to stay ahead of the game. However, Microsoft Office 365 have added another very welcomed layer of must-have security to defend against these digital threats.

Microsoft have developed Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) which will provide additional real time protection to your email. It compliments existing security features within Office 365 to give two, distinct categories of protection – Safe Links and Safe Attachments. It will also provide rich reporting functions, offering you greater understanding of your businesses threats.


Safe attachments:

Safe attachments is a feature that protects against unknown malware and viruses within your email attachments. All suspicious email content goes through a real time malware analysis to be evaluated and screened, they are then opened in a secure Microsoft area and any unsafe attachments are isolated and destroyed before reaching your mailbox.  If no suspicious activity is detected the attachment is released and delivered to the mailbox with the original message.

Safe Links:

Safe Links evaluates a link in an email message in real time to determine whether the link is safe or contains harmful content. If the link is deemed to be unsafe, the user is warned not to visit the site or informed the site has been blocked.  If the destination is safe the user is redirected to the original website.


Advanced Threat Protection also provides reporting and tracking capabilities to give you valuable insight into who is being targeted in your company and to gain a better understanding of the level of attack your company is facing. This information can then be used to prevent further attacks and avoid placing your data and systems at further risk.


ATP is an add on service to all subscribers already using Office 365. The capabilities of ATP make it an ideal solution to protect your business from cybercriminals looking to gain entry through your email. It costs as little as €1.70 per user per month to properly safeguard your mailbox and lower the risk falling victim to malicious activity beyond your control.

I am sure you will agree that having an advanced multi-layered approach to help protect your business against the risk of cybercrime and suspicious activity is an absolute must and for this reason we strongly recommend you implement Advanced Threat Protection immediately.

Please call HCS Business Solutions on 051 595200 or email to protect your business against cyber crime today.


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