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With Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a secure method of logging in to your account. Authentication methods that rely on more than one ‘proof of identity’ are more likely to hinder any attempt at accessing data through illegal methods. An appropriately designed Multi-Factor Authentication process is much more effective in deterring hackers when compared to traditional single factor authentication methods.

Reduce the Risk of Office 365 Account Hacking

In this era of continuous technological advancements, the threat of cyber attacks is constantly growing. Hackers are regularly discovering new ways to bypass Office 365’s built-in security. These hackers are usually searching for information and access to restricted or sensitive data that can be used to steal money, sensitive commercial data, distribute spear phishing emails or gain access to other’s online accounts.

These attacks usually utilise two approaches: Brute Force or Spear Phishing. Brute Force is generally a targeted action and often limited to specific users within a business. Whereas Spear Phishing usually leads to a mimic of an Office 365 login page, which is designed to harvest entered account details.

Secure Your Sensitive Data And Protect Your Business With Multi-Factor Authenitcation

Reduce your Risk of Account Hijacking with Multi-Factor Authentication

The security of Multi-Factor Authentication lies within its layered approach. Compromising multiple authentication factors presents a significant challenge for attackers, even if a hacker manages to learn an individual’s password, it is useless without also having possession of the additional authentication methods.

This can be incredibly effective in deterring unauthorised access, even if passwords are stolen. As MFA uses multiple layers of information to grant access to an account, unauthorised individuals will be stopped if they don’t have the correct security information.

Although there is no ideal authentication factor as any one-factor process will contain both strengths and weaknesses. The supporting concept of MFA is that a second or third factor will compensate for the weaknesses of the other factors thus improving your data security.

The Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication are clear:

– Improve your overall security

-Increased compliance

-Ease of login process

The Office 365 platform supports a number of different MFA mechanisms. When implementing a MFA process, ensure that you choose the right subscription for you and your business.

Learn how you can protect your Sensitive Data with Multi-Factor Authentication!