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Keep your business talking – Is it time to upgrade your business phone system?

Keep your business talking – Is it time to upgrade your business phone system?
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There are common parallels to be found between the longevity of a business and its ability to evolve in the modern world. Without adapting and evolving businesses can easily fall behind their competitors. While keeping up to date with general technology is key to a successful digital workplace, the truth is that your business phone system plays one of the most important and central parts to your company’s operations.


The more efficient your business phone system is, the more efficient your business can be.


While I’m sure you probably don’t have a rotary phone sitting on your desk, you might have an old push button phone that hasn’t been upgraded for years – is it time to make some changes?


To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the most common tell tales signs that lets you know your business phone system might need an upgrade.


  1. Your phone system is just too old.

One of the biggest reasons to change your phone system is that your existing traditional system is technically obsolete. When this happens, repairs and maintenance can become increasingly expensive. Unfortunately, no telephone system will last forever, putting off an upgrade until your equipment fails will cost time and money.

  1. You’ve decided to move your office location.

Believe it or not the costs of uninstalling, transporting and reinstalling an old system can be a significant percentage of the cost of a brand-new system. It’s probably one of the most over looked aspects of office re-location, but there is never a better time to upgrade your phone system.

  1. Your company is growing.

Are you opening a new office or adding additional staff to your existing company? Does your old phone system have enough room for this expansion? A phone system with scalability is an important necessity and should be a key consideration for any business. Take this as an opportunity not only to support these new employees but to upgrade the company’s entire system at the same time.

  1. Your current system lacks functionality.

As new applications and technologies are being introduced, your old phone system probably falls significantly behind some of the latest cloud offerings. It still might make and receive calls properly, but does it have enough features to keep up with the current needs of business operations?


If your phone system is showing any of these warning signs, then it’s time to consider updating to a modern system and see the many key benefits our phone systems can deliver: 


  1. Flexible communications – Tailor your communications and work from anywhere with our Mobile App. Take advantage of flexible communications and make any phone your business phone, just as if you were sitting in your office.
  2. Roam Free – Although useful, it can cost your company a fortune in data roaming fees. With our mobile app you can conveniently connect anywhere in the world, make and receive calls while reducing hefty roaming mobile bills.
  3. Be free to work from anywhere – All employees whether in the office, at home or on the road can integrate seamlessly with our Mobile and Desktop Apps, letting them work as a single team no matter where they are located. Don’t let snow storms stop you now – Work as one office environment anywhere and anytime.
  4. Instant results with instant messaging – See when your colleagues are available to call and collaborate when you need to. Use simultaneous IM sessions with others in your company while also sending instant messages to multiple people at once.
  5. Supercharge your contact centre – take control of your customer service department with integrated contact centre functionality and increase your ability to multitask and handle overflow and priority calls.

Whether on premises or hosted, HCS Business Solutions can help you with a scalable, affordable, and flexible phone systems designed specifically for your business needs. And with our affordable Secure SIP Trunks, it means you don’t pay more than your need to for business calls. Without compromising on voice quality, we can provide you with the savings your company needs.


Still unsure whether now is the right time to upgrade? Call 051 595200 or to discuss your options or to avail of our free telecoms review.

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