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Keeelings Zultys Case Study

Keeelings Zultys Case Study
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Major Irish national producer and distributor of vegetables and fruit chooses Zultys.

The Keelings family story began in 1896 on a farm in the Donabate area of County Dublin. The current farm was established in 1926 and from the early 1920’s to the late 1960’s, rhubarb was one of our main crops. In the 1930s, Keelings began growing fruits and salads and supplying them to local Dublin markets. They first planted strawberries in 1937, with Bramleys following in 1949. Keelings have continued to grow, and source the very best quality fresh produce for their customers to enjoy.

The Business Need

“Our 3Com NBX primary PBX had gone end of life and we needed to replace it with a system that incorporates all the new Unified Communications features and functionality on offer today,” said Tony O Connor, IT Manager for Keelings. “ Another important area for us was our fruit and veg contact centre. The call volume was increasing and we needed better call management and communications systems to be able to handle the increased traffic. I was conscious, however, that with big brand name phone systems came significant upfront and ongoing costs so I was prepared to carry out an in-depth analysis of the market to find the best solution for Keelings”.

The Solution – Zultys MX250        

One of Zultys’ unique selling points is that its’ PBX systems comprise of just one device. These devices incorporate all functions of the system whereas big-name competitors use multiple servers and devices to achieve the same thing. The advantage of a single device is simple management and simple disaster recovery. Another unique selling point is Zultys’ contact centre functionality. The Zultys MX250 includes features for use in a call centre or contact centre environment. As many staff as you wish can be assigned as contact agents, for customer services for example and you can then manage and report on all inbound calls, average wait times, callers in queue and many more metrics. Amazon worldwide uses Zultys for their contact centres. The total cost of the solution comes in at 30% less than big name brands and the ongoing annual costs are 50% less.

The Benefit

“The Zultys solution came in at a significantly less up front cost as well as ongoing costs than other big brand names said Tony O Connor, IT Manager for Keelings. “I installed the system myself and its configuration interfaces are simple to use which means I don’t need external help when I want to make changes. Any issues I had were dealt with quickly by the HCS Zultys Technical staff”.


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