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Is A Cloud Phone System The Right Choice For Your Business?

Is your business at a crossroads in deciding whether to migrate your phone system to the cloud or to stay with your traditional solution? We have compiled a list below to help you understand how a Hosted Phone Solution can benefit your business.

Reduce Costs

Businesses who still operate on traditional phone lines are paying over-priced and needless line rental, not to mention the maintenance of on-premise hardware.

By moving to a Hosted PBX Solution businesses can eliminate line rental and the requirement of hardware maintenance drastically, therefore reducing costs.

Receive Calls Anytime, Anywhere

Traditional phone systems tend to limit how contactable employees are. A Cloud Telecoms Solution allows employees to be contactable no matter where they are. Using a softphone and mobile app, your team will never miss a call again!

Dynamically Scale Your Solution

A Hosted Phone Solution can grow with your business. Easily create extensions for new employees, departments and expansions with ease.

CRM Integration

Software integration is simply not possible with traditional phone systems. This lack of integration can lead to potential sales being lost, customers not being called back or data being lost. A Cloud Telecoms Solution can integrate with many CRM tools, ensuring a streamlined experience reducing data loss and improving efficiency.


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