IP Telephony Solutions

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IP Telephony Solutions & Business Phone Systems 

HCS takes the pain away from dealing with multiple vendors for fixed line, voice and data communications. Just think! One bill for all of your telecoms requirements! HCS is a managed telecoms provider with over 20 year’s experience providing business phone systems, connectivity, call billing and more.

IP Telephony Solutions

Small Business IP Business Phone Systems

Yeastar Phone Systems

Yeastar PBX systems are an ideal solution for small businesses. They contain all of the routine functionality that you would expect of a modern telephone system, but with some enterprise options such as call recording and PC Desktop softphone. Yeastar allows users to take advantage of low-cost VOIP/SIP calls but also use reliable Analogue and ISDN lines for inbound calls (where broadband is not as dependable).

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Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Yeastar PBXs are usually paired with Yealink handsets. If your broadband is reliable enough and has a good SLA, then you can simply use Yealink handsets with our hosted telecoms offering. It is powered by Broadsoft, a leading provider of hosted telecoms solutions that offers you MORE functionality than an on-premises PBX and you will save you on the costs of a PBX and installation time.

No costly PBX equipment on site 

No ongoing maintenance costs 

More features than your PBX system 

Unlimited Devices per user; smartphone, desk phone, tablet, PC 

Unlimited Free Calls between your multi-location branch/office 

Enterprise IP Phone Systems

Zultys Unified Communications & Contact Centre 

Zultys is an enterprise-grade IP Telephony system providing Unified Communications and Call Centre functionality. Zultys can be commissioned as an on-premises solution or a hosted solution. It is available as a hardware device incorporating TDM cards, or as a Virtual Appliance for VMWare. It caters for 1 to 1000 users and up to 10,000 networked users.


Enterprise IP Phone Systems
Microsoft Lync Unified Communications

Microsoft Lync Unified Communications 

Microsoft Lync has developed over the years into a fully-fledged telecoms solution. Lync integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office desktop suite and offers many productivity benefits especially for the modern workforce. HCS offer project implementation services to enterprises to configure Lync and Lync voice and work alongside IT departments in delivering this specialised solution.

Private Hosted Telecoms and Unified Communications

You can have all of the functionality on your own private instance of Zultys Unified Communications in the cloud. This would consist of your own instance of Zultys running as a VMWare device in our fully redundant datacentre hardware. Pricing is based on Basic, Advanced and Call Centre Agent Roles and price per user per month.


Private Hosted Telecoms & Unified Communications

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HCS is a managed telecoms provider with over 20 year’s experience providing phone systems, connectivity, call billing and more.