Investing in the Future – Planning for Uncertainity

Investing in the Future – Planning for Uncertainity
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Every year technological innovation seems to appear at speed but the Covid pandemic accelerated adoption of technology at a pace never seen before. Necessity is the mother of invention and this year more than ever businesses were forced to make rapid changes to their operating models.

Many discovered their IT wasn’t up to the job and as we face into more disruption many businesses are still not capitalising on the benefits that technology can deliver.

Now is the time to take stock. As evidenced in the pandemic change can happen suddenly. Businesses need to have the agility to act fast and not just maintain operations but improve them increasing productivity and efficiency.

What to Expect in 2021

Remote WorkingRemote working

It has been well documented that remote working will remain a staple of the business world into 2021 and beyond. Thankfully the right technology in place fully enables employees to be as productive from home as in the office. Modern communication tools such as video conferencing, instant messaging and cloud based solutions and apps like Microsoft 365 allow staff to collaborate in realtime, safely access and share files and documents and service customers effectively while situated offsite.

Digital Telecomms

Hosted Telephony and VOIP is transforming the way companies communicate. Regardless of the physical location of your employees with hosted telephone solutions you can deliver cost efficient communications from the cloud. VOIP allows businesses to quickly react to change while maintaining best-in-class communication capability servicing customers quickly and effectively.

Enhanced Productivity

Microsoft power platform

With Microsoft 365, OneDrive Cloud Storage and office apps your staff can be more productive now than ever before from anywhere. Microsoft’s Enhanced Productivity Suite (Power Automate, Power BI and Power Apps) boosts productivity further making outdated processes automated! Build time-saving workflows with seamless integration to automate mundane tasks. Inbuilt AI increases efficiencies and gives staff more time to focus on core objectives. Power BI can unlock valuable insights to business drivers and enable more informed strategic decision making. Power Apps allow you to build problem solving apps quickly and easily to automate processes across the business. It is expected in 2021 that the use of productivity tools will drive business transformation to create the digital workplace.

Stringent Cyber Security

There will be huge impacts on security in the coming year as the move to working from home continues. Identity and multi factor authentication (MFA) will take centre stage as more and more devices access networks and more processes move to online. The increased use of cloud will leave holes and vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Comprehensive security measures will be needed to protect against cyber-attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (ATP) that are expected to continue to rise in 2021.

In Conclusion

Uncertainty is the only certainty as 2021 brings an ongoing pandemic, Brexit and a new USA Administration. The smart businesses will Evolve & Adapt to a new world order early and this will allow them competitive edge. Technology and the clever application of it is the bedrock that will enable businesses to adapt and move forward successfully. In a world that is changing customer needs are also rapidly changing and budgets are under pressure. Optimising technology to deliver efficiency, adaptability, productivity all cost effectively will secure your business throughout some of the most challenging years that we have ever seen and beyond.

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