It’s World Backup Day- Here’s Why You Should Backup Your Data!

It’s World Backup Day- Here’s Why You Should Backup Your Data!
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Did you know that Sunday, March 31st is World Backup Day? With that in mind, we want to help you understand why you should always be prepared and backup your data!

What is a backup? A backup is a copy of all essential data, e.g. documents, emails, files, etc. Instead of solely storing data on your computer, we highly recommend you store a copy of your data in a safe location, such as the cloud.

Is backing up necessary? It doesn’t matter how big your business is, regular backups are essential to maintain your company’s network. Regular backups may arguably the single most important step to take in relation to your data and network. There are a variety of reasons for this, such as;

1.Technology Issues

Businesses around the world have embraced technology. With this in mind, businesses undertake paper-free transactions. Essential documents and files are often virtually stored on computers. However, what would your business do if a computer mysteriously broke or if a power surge blew the hard drive? Telling your customers that you have lost their valuable information can not only damage your reputation but can also affect your business’ finances. Spare yourself these embarrassing conversations by having a reliable backup plan.

2.Human Error

Human error can happen in any business. Whether it is failing to properly store a document or overwriting an important document, mistakes can happen. A backup and recovery solution plan can ensure human error doesn’t pose a threat to your business.

3.Reputation Management

When a business experiences a cyber attack or a loss of data, they are likely to be subjected to scrutiny from customers and/or the wider public. This may cause damage to the business’ reputation. No business wants to experience the embarrassing moment of explaining to customers that your business has lost their data.

4.Downtime Can Cause Damage

Downtime can greatly affect a business, downtime often leads to production stoppages and services often become unavailable to customers. Without an appropriate data backup plan in place, you’re likely to work hard to restore services, including having to start all over again and rebuild build your data from scratch. Rebuilding a business database and applications from the beginning can take many days and nights, taking up huge resources. While doing this, your business will also have to deal with disappointed customers.

5.Technology Is The Future

Technology is continuously advancing and your business shouldn’t fear it. If your business doesn’t embrace the future, you risk being left behind. Online cloud backup has become one of the most popular methods of data protection that businesses have adopted recently. Online cloud backups allow team members to communicate and collaborate on projects without risking data loss.

When you partner with HCS Business Solutions we will work with yoru business to ensure your essential data is backed up to the cloud. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are industry-leading experts in Microsoft Technologies. We can also work with you if and when disaster strikes your business, our Disaster Recovery Services can ensure that if you experience a data loss we can recover the data. To learn more about backing up your essential data to the cloud, contact our expert team today!

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