HPMP SharePoint Case Study

HPMP SharePoint Case Study
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Established in 1976 High Precision Motor Products (HPMP) is an automotive parts and service provider with over 30 years of experience offering innovative solutions to complex and standard automotive problems. HPMP cover a range of vehicles for the automotive industry including the fire service industry and other specialist vehicles.

“Office 365 SharePoint Online has transformed the way we deal with paperwork….
We don’t have any now” – 
Sandra O Reilly, Finance Manager, HPMP.


In the fire service industry documentation relating to health & safety, compliance and certification is critical and collection of data in a timely and accurate manner is key. For example, HPMP have a process where staff collect information on customer sites relating to fire engine ladder inspections. The form is completed manually and at the end of the project delivered to head office where it’s manually processed. After inspection, a certificate is created, printed, and inserted into a customer’s folder in a filing cabinet for later review and audit. The quality of paperwork is often poor due to illegible hand writing and there can be long delays in receiving the paperwork. Processing ladder checks and certificates took too long and this was limiting opportunities to utilize staff more efficiently in the field.


The Office 365 team at HCS reengineered the manual process using SharePoint Online. HCS created a company intranet for field staff to access, complete and submit ladder inspection forms from their devices. The internal administration of the whole process is now carried out by office staff in SharePoint using workflows which have now fully automated the certification process from start to finish eliminating paperwork altogether.


The ladder certification process now happens without delay. Forms from the field are now submitted in real time with the added benefit that field staff can insert pictures into the forms, a feature which is particularly useful in corroborating disputed findings. There’s no more manual paperwork and documentation is stored centrally in SharePoint and is accessible from any location, at any time, on any device. The quality and accuracy of the data is greatly improved because the process is digitized. “Due to the success of this project we are planning to transform other areas of process and administration using SharePoint Online” said Sandra O Reilly.

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