How mobile technologies are transforming the way SMB's do business. - HCS

How mobile technologies are transforming the way SMB’s do business.

How mobile technologies are transforming the way SMB’s do business.
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The future of SMB’s productivity is about how our approach to technology is changing, how we are increasingly working on the move and how the idea of the office as the primary work location is no longer accepted as the conventional norm. With mobile technologies it is now possible to be connected anywhere, at any time and we can be as effective at home, at the airport or even waiting for a taxi.

Once a luxury reserved for only large companies, technologies such as cloud and mobility are now available and affordable to even the smallest businesses. In many industries, these types of modern technologies are necessities for those looking to grow and gain a competitive edge.

Some of our mobile technologies tips to make your life easier when working on the go:

  • Get Office 365. The single best productivity software on the Market. Centralised cloud stored email and OneDrive for Business for your documents. It can be accessed from Office applications or any web browser you have access to. Want to always have the latest version of Office? Sign up for an inclusive plan, allowing a single user install Office on up to 5 PC’s. All you need to use any of it is a device with internet access, it’s a no brainer.
  • Don’t travel, Video Conference. Some things just can’t be done without a face to face. Sometimes it’s just a matter of putting a face to the name, but business is always better when the other person is not just a voice in your ear. It’s not always possible though, which is why it’s worth trying a specialised conferencing solution like Skype fro Business.
  • Device Integration. There is nothing worse than having your phone, laptop and tablet that is supposed to sync, but doesn’t, leaving you in the lurch right when you need it. But hardware that shares an operating system, like Windows, has built in interconnectivity which ensures that the information you want is there when it’s needed.
  • Data Safety. Having all your information remotely and the press of an icon is perfect for today’s mobile users, it’s pretty much vital. But the chance lost losing your phone or laptop, and the data being accessible, is a nightmare scenario for most companies. Applications and data should be hosted centrally on something like a Windows 2012 R2 server. Office 365 adds another level of centralised security, and Windows Intune can lock or wipe and devices that are lost or stolen.
  • Schedule Smarter. Using Outlook or SharePoint for scheduling allows for collaboration between everyone who needs it, even across multiple time zones. They could integrate Bing Maps into Outlook calendar entries to show actual locations, meaning appointments can be set in stone rather than having fluid start times.

How HCS can help?

We are a Microsoft Gold partner and have been recognised in 2014 as a Global Partner of the Year Award Finalist. We are experts in delivering Microsoft Cloud Services such as Office 365, SharePoint, Azure and Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution Skype for Business. 1000’s of users trust us to support their Office 365 cloud platform. We have a dedicated and experienced SharePoint Team who will drive your productivity.

Contact our Microsoft certified team on 01-8734120 | 051-595200 or email to find out the best place to start working with mobile technologies.

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