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How Cloud Computing Is Changing Business Management

Cloud Computing has changed business processes faster than ever. In the recent few years, businesses are gaining an edge over their management practices by leveraging the perks of cloud computing.

The seamless communication channel which cloud-based technology offers to businesses has significantly impacted their flexibility. The time which was earlier wasted in transferring data files or folders is now no longer wasted.

The files and folders now always remain accessible to everyone from a central location. Due to this, businesses can save a significant amount of time, effort, money, and resources, which eventually leads to better management.

In this article we explain how cloud computing works for businesses.

Organising and Planning

Gone are the days when there were separate systems for separate departments. With the advent of the cloud-based system, everything has become centralised. This allows better integration across teams and processes and gives everyone access to what they need.

Moving legacy systems to the cloud allows the firm to standardise work practices across the business which improves interoperability amongst departments and staff.

With cloud solutions data storage becomes easier to manage and more can be added quickly if needed. This aspect simplifies IT management and helps IT staff manage resources and requirements.

Centralising IT helps in the overall management of the business as work practices and information are standardised and easily shared. 


boardroom management meeting

Improved Communication

As the organisation grows maintaining a common sense of purpose and communicating the business’s values can be difficult. It is made even more challenging as people are more likely now to work remotely and aren’t all in the office together. Gone are the days when management could call a Town Hall meeting at short notice and get the entire staff together to share business news and motivate their employees.

Communication in this new world of modern working is helped with the use of centralised communication tools such as Microsoft Teams. The management can use such a platform to seamlessly propagate the values across the team. Teams can be used for broadcast announcements and also it enables easy communication between sub teams and individuals.

Business Insights

Cloud-based systems centralise information which makes it easier to analyse and identify trends. With the right analytic tools IT Managers can deliver actionable insights to management that helps them take bigger and better actions. It gives them a bigger picture that helps them identify bottlenecks and take decisions in the direction that fosters business growth. This makes IT a direct contributor to the growth of the business.

Besides this, cloud computing allows managers to gather customer feedback regarding the operability, user experience, speed, and efficiency of their products and services and then develop plans that eliminate the loopholes.


According to recent research, over 80% of businesses across the globe had at least one application that worked in the cloud in 2020.

Cloud adoption not just streamlines the business processes but also reduces ongoing IT running costs. Maintenance of systems is simplified through centralised management consoles and is less costly. Plus you don’t have expensive hardware on site.

Moving to the cloud is a key factor in transforming a business to enable it to compete and adapt to the more modern way of working. It is a critical component in upscaling a business and delivers a platform that is scalable and flexible and enables growth and innovation.

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