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Hotel Phone Systems – 5 Steps To Customer Service Success

Hotel Phone Systems – 5 Steps To Customer Service Success
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Hotels may often underestimate the importance of phone systems as a method of delivering high standards of customer service. Many hotels view phone systems as a cost centre rather than a profit centre and although many guests refrain from using hotel phone systems to make outbound calls, it plays an increasingly important role in providing a positive customer service experience. Hotels must remember that customer service is key to success as a negative Trip Advisor review can quickly translate into lost revenue.

Many hotels may now ask themselves just how can a modern IP based Phone System help hotels work more efficiently while improving customer service? Here are 5 ways an IP based Phone System may help!

Reduce Your Front Office Work Load

Guests understandably may have questions regarding their booking, however, timing may hinder the service customers receive as team members may be busy and cannot provide customers with the level of service they would like to. Poorly configured phones with unclear dial plans can cause more calls to the front desk, thus increasing their workload. As customer service is key in hotels and guests who are present in the hotel require the attention of the front office team, in particular during check-in and check-out times, team members may miss calls and therefore make a poor impression to customers.

Queue Calls!

Have any of your guests called room service but nobody answered? Your hotel could be losing revenue from these missed calls. As your team may be busy preparing orders, it is not unreasonable that some calls may be missed. A new phone system will allow your business to queue calls and inform customers that they will be connected shortly. This also gives your hotel the opportunity to share promotional messages with customers as they wait on hold.

Don’t Lose Bookings When Reservations Are Hard To Reach

Don’t lose a booking over your phone system. Your reservations or front office team may be too busy to take a call – however, that is no reason to lose a booking and negatively impact your occupancy rate. Queue the call, inform the customers of your latest offers and worst case scenario, record the customer’s’ number automatically and send an email to reservation staff to call the customer back.

Make An Impression – Greet Your Customers By Their Name!

Modern phone systems make it easier than ever to link the guest name to the phone system and display your guest’s name on the screen for hotel team members to greet the customer personally.

Improve Teamwork Amongst Your Team To Create A Better Service For Your Guests

A modern hotel phone system doesn’t just help your guests, it helps your team do their job more efficiently. Unified communications features for presence, easy transferring and taking of calls, message taking and more will help reservations take bookings faster, front office to speed up check-in and F&B and housekeeping to work more efficiently and above all else, allow your employees to work better as a team.

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