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HCS Business Solutions & The Hospitality Industry

HCS Business Solutions is the chosen IT Partner for many businesses within the Hospitality Industry, we have the proven expertise to provide an efficient and effective service to ensure IT assists your business in achieving its strategic goals.

HCS Business Solutions – Your Hospitality IT Partner

HCS Business Solutions are recognised experts in Hospitality IT Solutions.

In recent years, the Hospitality industry has become incredibly reliant on secure and reliable IT Systems that lend themselves to overall strategic goals.

The Hospitality industry is unlike any other, and therefore creates a unique challenge for businesses and IT partners alike. These challenges involve Data Management, Cybersecurity and Reliability of Use to avoid Business Outage.


Effective Data Management is essential in the Hospitality Industry. Businesses within the Hospitality Industry gather large amounts of data through a variety of mediums, such as; guest-facing devices, smart devices connected to the hotel’s network, surveys, property management systems and more. Although this allows guests to have a more personalised experience, it also means that these businesses must be aware of data regulations and ensure they are compliant with legislation, in particular, GDPR.

A necessity of any business within the Hospitality Industry is a robust security system, as hotels not only need to secure sensitive business data, but also the confidential data of its many customers. Our proactive approach to security ensures our many customers’ data remains secure from sophisticated and ever-evolving cyberattacks. This proactive approach combined with our  Managed IT services ensures, the risk of data loss is minimised, as is the risk of a business outage. This increases productivity, improves employee satisfaction, ensures your reputation among customers is protected and ensures your business doesn’t encounter unexpected costs.

In recent years, businesses within the Hospitality Industry have embraced Cloud Computing and Cloud Telecoms Solutions. Both services not only improve business uptime, but also encourage team members to communicate and collaborate. Through effectively embracing HCS Cloud Telecoms many businesses within the Hospitality Industry enjoy a  flexible and agile service without compromising on call quality or customer service.

Hotels don’t sleep and their IT support should be 24 hours! This allows us to be on hand when you need us most.

Who Do We Work With?

We partner with many hotels across Ireland to provide them with a variety of Managed IT Services. We specialise in creating solutions that suit your business now, but are also scalable for future changes and growth! If you want to learn more about how IT can boost your business, contact us by emailing enquiries@hcs.ie!

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Who Are We?

We are HCS Business Solutions. Established in 1994, and with offices in Dublin and Waterford, HCS Business Solutions provides Outsourced & Managed IT Services, IT System Upgrades, Managed IT Security, SharePoint Consultancy, Bespoke Software Development, Microsoft Cloud Services & Managed Telecoms to businesses of all sizes throughout Ireland. We work with Irish businesses like yours to help you work smarter with IT, allowing you to achieve better results in less time. It’s about knowing where you want your business to go and how IT can help you get there. Let us assist you in working smarter with IT so that it no longer restricts you, but sets you free, and gives you the tools you need to succeed in business.

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