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GDPR – Let HCS protect you.

GDPR – Let HCS protect you.
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The IT industry has latched onto GDPR over the past 12 months and  HCS have deliberated about it’s position in regard to this topic. We have finally found our niche.  As Microsoft Gold Partners HCS have aligned to Microsoft’s thinking on how to approach GDPR i.e. Discover, Manage, Protect and Report.  If you haven’t heard about GDPR then take a look at the website from the data commissioner here in Ireland.




Any data that helps you identify a person is deemed as personal data. Such as Name, Email address, Social media posts, Physical, physiological or genetic information, Medical information, Location, Bank details, Ip address, Cookies etc. This data may be stored in emails, documents, databases, removable media, metadata, log files or backups.


Once you have identified the data what policies are in place for data while it’s in transit or at rest. Storing data, recovery of data, retaining data, archiving and disposal of data. Is this data classified and labelled by sensitivity (public, company, confidential). Do restrictions apply to users and administrators of this data?





Protecting your data is where HCS can help you to become compliant for GDPR. GDPR raises the bar in terms of the efforts every company must take to protect data regardless of their size. Working with Microsoft and Fortinet primarily, HCS have a range of security solutions and services that will secure and protect your data. HCS’s first step is to appraise your current levels of security and protection with our TechSecure- GDPR Protect audit. This audit will appraise your current levels of data protection and will provide the necessary steps you need to take to become compliant.




The final phase of GDPR is reporting and proving that you have complied with the legislation. Records need to be kept and GDPR needs to be constantly reviewed to ensure you stay compliant.

HCS are working with a number of customers at the moment to achieve GDPR compliancy at the protect layer. In January 2018 HCS will be offering TechSecure GDPR Protect audits on a wider scale  to help and advise customers on how to secure and protect their personal data.  If you wish to start your GDPR compliance journey today call any of our team to discuss further on 051-595200/01 8734120. GDPR will not go away and the deadline is now less than 6 months away (May 25th 2018),  don’t put off the inevitable.

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