External Vulnerability Testing

Discover your networks vulnerabilities and susceptibility to attack

What is External Vulnerability Testing?

External vulnerability testing is an effective method in helping you assess your systems from outside of your network to find weaknesses which an attacker could exploit. It highlights the safety of your IT network from an outward presence and shows you where you can minimise the consequences of an attack.

Why conduct an external vulnerability test?

There are many reasons why your system may be vulnerable, from devices running default settings to unknown open ports. As your network provides the backbone of your companies infrastructure, conducting an external vulnerability test will identify how a potential attacker could find these weaknesses and cause a threat to your system.

Attackers are aware of vulnerabilities and are always looking for easy targets that they can exploit, by conducting external vulnerability test we will tell you how well your network is protected and also let you know where you are at risk.

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What we do

Our remote external vulnerability test will attempt to exploit the gaps in your network to determine whether unauthorised access or other malicious activity is possible. Following our scan, we will provide you with a technical level report which will inform you of the weaknesses present in your environment and provide you with directions you should take to reduce the chances of an attacker disrupting the confidentiality, availability or integrity of your network and its associated data.

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