Create engaging reports and gain valuable business insights with Power BI

Create engaging reports and gain valuable business insights with Power BI
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Traditionally, Microsoft Excel has been the ‘go-to’ reporting tool for businesses around the world, however, Power BI offers businesses even more powerful analytics and reporting features. Power Bi offers businesses faster experimentations with visualisations, statistical functions and calculations across broad datasets, and the ability to derive answers through the rapid recombination of fields. There are a variety of ways that Power BI supersedes Excel, below we will explain how utilising Power BI can benefit your business.

1.Access and Store Large Amounts of Data

Power BI has impressive compression abilities for Microsoft Excel and text/.csv files, which allows you to access, analyse and visualise large quantities of data that Excel cannot open. Many computers may struggle to open a file larger than 300 megabytes, making analysis and reporting through Excel challenging. Thus adding several smaller .csv files to data, like sales data for neighbouring regions, will be incredibly difficult to combine with your previous dataset and analysis.

Large datasets don’t have to be reduced in size and aggregated to show a more encompassing analysis. All granular details and summarisations can exist in one file together and be accessed through drill downs.

Users also have the opportunity to modify and prepare data:

  • Transformations and edits including changing formats, deleting rows, adding columns and transposing data.
  • Adding relationships within different tables.
  • Adding new datasets easily as additional useful data is uncovered.

When using Power BI, the painful repetition of data preparation is reduced or eliminated as the software will remember the data preparation steps and automatically repeat them during data refreshes.

2.Spot Trends Easily

Analyzing trends with Power BI is extremely easy. With built-in time intelligence features, it only takes seconds to view vast amounts of data. Data can be viewed by various dimensions and attributes, including date-time dimensions.

3.Intuitive UX Features

Users can easily make data on Power BI visually appealing, even if users have limited creativity or UX skills. Power BI’s drag-and-drop functionality, easy resizing, and copying and pasting makes those who are accustomed to Office 365 feel at ease when using Power BI.

Incorporate your brand into reports through utilising colour schemes with Power BI themes. Your marketing team can now create Power BI branding themes, in the form of a .json file, and Power BI users simply have to import this theme during the development of a report. From this theme, users can create graphs and charts that follow the business’ ‘theme’.

4.Cloud-Based Features

Once you have constructed your Power BI analysis, you will need to publish and disseminate your dashboards and reports. In Excel this would generally involve emailing a large file to your team or uploading it to a shared device or SharePoint portal. Through utilising Power BI, this process has been completely revolutionised. Through using Power BI you can upload or update data to Power BI and automate the refreshing of underlying data, to make this data available to your team, simply publish this data.

Power BI can revolutionise how you share information with your team. Power BI is easily configured and allows users to track metrics, understand insights and visualise data. Creating reports on Power BI allows your business to understand the past and present while also understanding potential future trends. Contact our team today to learn more about how adopting Power BI can benefit your business!

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