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The Complete Guide To Buying Employee Engagement

The Complete Guide To Buying Employee Engagement
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Life is too short for bad software. If you’re considering purchasing employee engagement software for your team, you’ll want to make sure that it’s checking all the right boxes for both management and frontline employees. Purchasing the wrong software can be a costly mistake, but with a little planning and preparation, you can avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with buying software for your company. So without further ado, let’s dive right in. Here are four crucial considerations when shopping for employee engagement software for your team.

1) Assess Your Needs

Before you rush into setting up demos all over town and haggling over price per users, slow down and take the time to really assess your company’s needs and goals for employee engagement software. Here are two must-have features to fit the needs of your frontline employees:

a) Mobile Accessibility for an On-the-Go Workforce

If your workforce consists largely of frontline employees who don’t work behind a desk, then you’ll want to make sure you have a mobile-first platform that employees can easily access right from their personal devices.

b) Friendly, Easy-to-Use Interface

Not everyone sleeps with their smart phone glued to their hand. Some may still be skeptical of introducing new technology into their daily work lives. Make sure your employee engagement software is extremely user friendly and super simple to use so workers won’t feel intimidated by a platform that’s too complex. If your workforce doesn’t want to actually engage with their digital workplace, then your entire program could be at risk before it even gets off the ground. In order to gauge what exactly you’re looking for in an employee engagement platform, ask yourself the following questions,

  • What will crisis communication look like?
  • How robust should the analytics dashboard be?
  • Which engagement metrics will I measure?
  • Do I need a built-in task management system?
  • How can this help with compliance training?
  • Will we use this for on-boarding training?
  • How can this improve employee benefits?
  • What are my communication goals?

Taking the time to answer these basic questions around goals, use cases, and overall internal communication strategy will save you time later on when you’re comparing services and vendors.

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2) Consider the Level of Customer Support

Not all customer support teams are created equal. Unfortunately, customer support is often overlooked during the software buying process. All too often, customer service for SaaS products is overshadowed by attractive introductory pricing structures, bells and whistles customers that will never be used, and the charisma of slick salespeople. Word to the wise — do not discount the level of customer support in your employee engagement software. You aren’t just purchasing a platform. You’re building a partnership to ultimately transform your company culture. Don’t invest employee engagement software for your team only to be instructed to “submit a ticket” when something goes wrong a week later. If there’s no option to speak to a real human being when you need help, you’re not getting the customer support you deserve from an enterprise-level SaaS platform.

3) Safeguard Security

All too often we hear floor managers lament that their frontline employees are talking business on unsecured, consumer-grade chat apps like WhatsApp. These open chat groups are often used to discuss confidential customer information, proprietary business details, and even share sensitive business data. Frontline employees frequently turn to these types of communication channels simply because they are not provided with the tools they need for 1:1 and group communication.

Employee Engagement Software Security Must-Haves

  • ISO 27001:2013 certification
  • GDPR compliance
  • Data encryption while at rest and in transit

Make security a top priority when shopping for employee engagement software. With regulations around data privacy becoming increasingly strict, and violation penalties more expensive, it’s paramount that security is top of mind when choosing a software platform for your team.

4) Evaluate Integration Capabilities

A disjointed internal tech stack can result in low engagement if your company’s SaaS platforms are clunky and don’t work together very well. Ask yourself which platforms you use most often, and look for employee engagement software that will integrate well with them. For instance, if your team already uses ADP, look for a team collaboration app that will integrate with it to create a digital workplace that can serve as one central information hub for your team. Make sure your employee engagement software has a robust Marketplace with integrations you can leverage to assist with user management, measuring employee satisfaction, and managing payroll.

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