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Dynamic 365 Business Central – What we Offer and How We Use it

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Bam Boom Cloud, SMB technology experts headquartered in the UK but with a global reach. This partnership will add Bam Boom’s fixed price Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offering into the HCS portfolio of leading technology solutions for SMBs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (Business Central) is a cloud-based business management solution which automates the core operations of a small to medium sized business, covering Financial, Sales, Supply Chain, Project Management, Service Management and Manufacturing for 1 to 300 users.

HCS are partnering with Bam Boom Cloud to offer our customers a modern approach to business management software implementation that doesn’t have to take months to set up or cost you tens of thousands to get up and running.

Business Central in a Nutshell

Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Business Management Solution designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). It’s a perfectly synchronised system that can manage and run your entire business. It connects people and processes across departments under one single solution that is accessible anytime, on any device, securely.

The real power in Business Central lies in its ability to be adapted quickly and easily to your existing processes, many of which will be unique to your business. You’ve possibly already deployed out of the box solutions that go so far but don’t quite meet the demands of your business. With Business Central, the ability to build extensions and customise existing system processes makes it an ERP/Business Management Solution that is different to anything else in the market.

Business Central also integrates with the full Microsoft suite, so you can create invoices directly from Outlook, pull data from Excel, drive automation with Power Apps through Teams, and more. Fully future-proofed with free updates, powered by the Cloud and easily accessible on any device. With an affordable per-user, per-month payment plan and costs starting at only €59 per user it is unbelievable value.

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Testing it out ourselves!

Before embarking on this partnership or even considering offering Business Central to our customers we decided to test it out internally and deploy Business Central within HCS. You could call it “drinking our own bath water.” Why? Because there is no better way to truly develop deep knowledge of a solution and fully appreciate its benefits than using it yourself. So that’s what we set about doing.

In November 2021 we went live with Business Central in HCS.

The project began 6 months earlier when we engaged with a consultant in the UK for technical training on the solution. This kickstarted the process, enabling us to develop a project plan and identify areas across the business where Business Central could add value. It also enabled us to develop the technical support skills needed to roll out the solution as we progressed through the implementation phase.

The following months were spent learning and adapting Business Central to our needs – developing extensions, changing configurations, adding modifications and integrating Business Central to a point where we were happy to go live. This first-hand experience of implementing Business Central across our own business has allowed us to develop a deep understanding and core knowledge which puts us in a much better position to help our customers in the future.


Why the partnership with BamBoom Cloud?

Bam Boom Cloud offers a modern approach to Business Central implementation with low cost, fixed price and fixed scope packages that allow customers to get up and running quickly.

We like that they are focused solely on SMBs and understand that SMBs don’t have the deep pockets often required for large-scale ERP implementations.

We like that they make it easy to transition to Business Central and guide you delicately through the process.

We like that their modern approach is proven on a worldwide basis and that they are considered a disrupter to the norm. They call it a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to ERP implementation; no frills, start small with only what you need, get confident with the system before adding on extra functionality in future phases.

We consider Business Central adoption as a journey that must be tackled in phases. The approach by Bam Boom to get you up and running fast, combined with the HCS knowledge and experience to continue the journey makes HCS and Bam Boom Cloud the perfect combination for SMBs to consider when they are looking to change their financial, ERP or business management solution.

After completing the journey ourselves, we can truly stand in front of our customers in a position of solid knowledge and first-hand experience of how Business Central operates. We are now confident in asking our customers to trust us with their Business Central implementations.


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