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Discover in SharePoint Online

Discover in SharePoint Online
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Discover on SharePoint Online allows you to access content quickly and easily. Using a variety of methods you can find the content that you require using SharePoint Online’s many discover features.

Search for something

1.Type into the Search box in the top left under the app launcher.

2.Filter your results by type, for example, Sites, People, or Files.

Check out news

The SharePoint homepage is your place to find sites, read news, or look up content. The right pane gives you easy access to relevant content arranged in the following groupings:

  • News from sites highlights updates from sites you follow or visit often.
  • Frequent sites shows sites you visit often and recent activity on them.
  • Suggested sites appear based on searches you’ve done and recommendations from the Microsoft Graph.

Note: Microsoft Graph must be enabled by your admin to see Featured Links and Suggested Sites on your SharePoint homepage.

Find your site

The left navigation pane shows SharePoint sites you follow, those you’ve recently visited, and sites your company wants to spotlight.

Following displays sites you follow, like your team’s site or a site from another group you work with.

Recent shows any site you’ve gone to recently

Featured links displays sites your company wants to showcase.

To learn more about SharePoint Online and how it can benefit your business, click here! Our expert sales team can help you design and implement a bespoke SharePoint Solution that will benefit your business.

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