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Cybersecurity Risks To Be Aware Of In 2020

Cybersecurity Risks To Be Aware Of In 2020
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2019 has seen cybersecurity awareness increase, primarily due to increased threats and updates. Although the majority of businesses are now more aware of the importance of cybersecurity, most are struggling to implement appropriate protocols internally. However, in 2020, cybersecurity will continue to be an important aspect for businesses worldwide. Data breaches, automation and integration will all impact cybersecurity within 2020.

As 2019 was a time of growth for cybersecurity awareness, 2020 is expected to continue this trend.

Data Breaches Are A Major Cyberthreat

Data breaches are expected to continue to be the most common cybersecurity risk in 2020, with data being set to remain as a valuable commodity for hackers and cybercriminals around the world.

In recent times, legislation, such as GDPR has helped put Data Security to the forefront of cybersecurity concerns, however, businesses must think about the other various risks that a data breach can present to a business and not just legislative issues.

Cloud Security

Throughout 2020 it is expected that businesses will continue to migrate their processes, infrastructure and data to the cloud. Because of this, protecting data and critical infrastructure requires a proactive approach from Managed Security Partners.

Due to the popularity of the cloud, cybercriminals will continue to create sophisticated threats with the aim of infiltrating your business’ cloud systems. If your cloud is not secured properly, this could lead to major data breaches.

Growing Awareness Of Data Back-Ups

Digital Transformation is an ongoing trend within businesses and has raised awareness of cybersecurity issues. This affects businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to Enterprises.

Businesses have realised that cybersecurity and backing up data is not a luxury but an essential aspect of any business.

Mobility Can Hamper Cybersecurity

With the rise of cloud computing, mobile use for work purposes has also increased, with many employees accessing data and documents through devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Due to this, 2020 is expected to see an increase in data breaches through mobile devices. Every device that is used to access company systems is another endpoint to secure to ensure vulnerability is minimised.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks are set to remain as a common cyber threat, as it is seen by cybercriminals is an effective method of obtaining user credentials, distributing malware, cryptojacking, stealing money, etc with ease.

The most effective way to counteract Phishing Attacks is to train your team to recognise these attempts. In 2020, cybersecurity training should be a key aspect of your cybersecurity strategy.

Now is the time to begin your cybersecurity strategy for 2020! To learn more, contact our team today!

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