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Managed 365 Security

Strengthen your Security Posture with Microsoft Secure Score

Managed Security for M365

Managing cyber security is a challenge for every business. Research has shown that 95% of breaches could’ve been avoided if proper cyber security hygiene was in place. But basic cyber hygiene is hard to maintain with the volume of solutions, controls, devices, domains and identities.

If you are unable to accurately assess and improve your cloud security posture you can easily overlook security risks and become vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of your business’s cloud security posture and associated risk. Your unique Secure Score is attained through an analytical tool that assesses your security posture across identity, data and apps. It also benchmarks your score against businesses of a similar size and intelligently identifies where to improve your security posture using threat prioritised insights and guidance.

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Microsoft Secure Score

Secure Score Service:

Accurate posture visibility, assessment and maintenance requires time and resources which a lot of IT Professionals don’t have to spare. 

This is where HCS comes in – we have devised an automated service that leverages your unique Secure Score to Assess, Improve and Maintain your cyber security posture on a continual basis.

For a set monthly fee you have peace of mind that your security is in capable hands, always.


 Accurately assess security posture and score against similar organisations.

We utilise your secure score to ascertain the level of risk currently within your Microsoft tenancy and compare this to similar organisations. We then identify what tasks are needed to higher your score and lower your risk.


Rank improvement actions and implement to generate new improved secure score

Our team of security experts action the tasks needed to to achieve a higher baseline security score that is acceptable for your business.


Realtime monitoring of security posture

We undertake to maintain your improved baseline security score and monitor it monthly. Should it change our team will investigate and action as needed.

Incident and Alert Management

In the event of a critical incident our experts will react promptly to any alerts triggered from your M365 tenancy and update you of the issue.

Secure Score Dashboard

Your Secure Score dashboard will give you full visibility into your Secure Score progress and history. You can view your most up to date position, trends over time, your ranking against similar sized organisations and recommended actions.

With our Secure Score Service your security is fully managed and most importantly continually proactively maintained with real time monitoring by security experts. You can rest assured your security is in capable hands and continually supervised

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