The recent high-profile attack on the HSE has highlighted the need for all organisations to take cyber security seriously. Unfortunately, the ransomware attack on the HSE is not unusual, many Irish businesses have been targeted by similar hacks in the last 12 months and many had no choice but to pay the ransom or risk going out of business. Not a position any business wants to find themselves in.

Before rushing into investing in Cyber Security it makes sense to review what measures you currently have in place and identify where the vulnerabilities are. We have a range of tests and assessments for businesses of all sizes that will help identify the areas that need upgrading or where new solutions are needed.

External Penetration Testing (PEN Test)

Penetration Testing or PEN Test is a test on your organisation’s perimeter systems. By simulating a malicious attack from outside a PEN Test will exploit any network and system level weaknesses that a hacker could use to gain entry to your network. These can include potential vulnerabilities due to unknown hardware or software flaws, poor configuration, operational weaknesses, rogue services and more.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive scan completed from within your network to identify potential security risks that hackers could use to either gainIT Risk Assessment access or if they got in how they could exploit other parts of your network. We use the leading scanning tool Nessus to run the scan remotely. Nessus delivers the industry’s broadest vulnerability coverage with new detections continuously added to the platform. A detailed report returns the risks identified.

Fortinet (CTAP) –  Cyber Security Threat Assessment – Email

Email remains the most frequent attack vector for initial access to networks by cyber criminals. Eliminating malicious emails from reaching user’s inboxes goes a long way to keeping malware and cyber fraud out of your business. A Fortinet CTAP Email Assessment (circa 7 days monitoring) will determine whether your email is protected sufficiently, what phishing attacks are making it through your defences and what steps can be taken to improve it.

Fortinet (CTAP) –  Cyber Security Threat Assessment – Firewall

A Firewall CTAP is an analysis of your IT network over a period of circa 7 days. It will identify security risks. monitor cloud/application/web usage, help you understand general network usage and its impact on network performance. This assessment is intended for sites that currently run Fortinet firewalls.

Fortinet (CTAP) –  Cyber Security Threat Assessment – SDWAN

A Fortinet CTAP SDWAN assessment will identify challenges within your legacy WAN architecture, with visibility into application usage, security posture, and bandwidth utilisation. Carried out over a period of circa 7 days this assessment will help determine if your security measures are robust enough at branch locations and if ever increasing bandwidth requirements are increasing MPLS costs. This assessment will give insight into your network activity, bandwidth and application usage and how to alleviate your current risk level. Applicable to sites currently running Fortinet firewalls.

HCS TechSecure – SMB Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber security risk assessment

Perfect for the small to medium sized businesses HCS TechSecure is a comprehensive and practical approach to evaluating risk across your organisation. Over the course of a number of days we will carry out an independent audit across all areas of your business including servers, workstations, security policies, backups and disaster recovery, email and internet access, remote access and more to identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could be compromised. Based on findings we will formulate a security strategy and necessary steps needed to improve your security posture in keeping with industry best practice.


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