Cyber Security Awareness Training

Transform User Behaviour

Change User Behaviour and Reduce Cyber Risk

Comprehensive, Convenient and Scalable Cyber Security Awareness Training 

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber crime is on the rise and individuals are being targeted more frequently than ever before. 

Cyber Security Awareness Training will assist your staff to idenitfy bad or risky habits and replace them with more secure habits building a culture of security.

Our convenient, scalable and fully integrated cyber security awareness training platform offers a web-based training experience. 


A combination of essential learning modules, quizzes, measurement and multi-media reinforcement messages – including video – helps drive behavioural change and reduce cyber risk.

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  Key Features of our Online Training Programme

Cyber Security Awareness Training

                Online Learning Portal

Cyber Security Training

         Security Awareness Training Modules

online training

               Executive Training Modules

Online Training Portal

Users access their own portal to take online courses at times convenient to them. Our training portal is mobile-friendly, meaning training can happen anywhere at anytime, on any device.

Security Awareness Training Modules

Our focus is making cyber simple through the use of high-quality, engaging and relevant training content. We use a mix of interactive elearning, animation videos, real-world scenarios and regular assessment. Topics covered include passwords, malware, social networking, phishing, insider threat, social engineering, incident response and more.

Executive Training Modules

Building company culture starts at the top. Our Executive Training modules explain cyber risk in a business context. Executives and board members will understand the importance of driving a cyber culture within their role. 

Knowledge Assessments

All Security Awareness modules include short knowledge assessments to reinforce training to ensure understanding of key subjects. 

Training Campaign Reports

Quickly track progress of staff training with real-time reporting – presented in a simple format. 

Monitor performance on a department or individual level. 

Training Notifications

We’ll send auto-reminders to staff who need to get started or complete training. Managers will also receive automated reports to help track users’ progress. 

BE CYBAWARE Awareness Campaign

Our automated monthly campaigns deliver continuous security awareness training to build and reinforce cyber culture. Campaigns are short, engaging and contain mixed-media awareness content delivered direct to users.

Cyber Security Micro-Modules

Short, interactive elearning content delivered monthly as part of our BE CYBAWARE 

campaign to help reinforce key subjects and introduce your staff to new scams.  

Training Videos

Short, engaging animation videos educate staff on key security subjects and provide great, simple guidance to reinforce training.

Awareness Training Material

Foster a cyber awareness culture with engaging campaigns. We’ve got you covered with a large collection of awareness posters, infographics, and guidebooks.

Simulated Phishing

Realistic phishing attack simulations help improve end-user awareness and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence. Our Phish Insight solution will test users’ with real time phishing emails.

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