Is Your Business Covid-19 Ready? Work From Home & Maintain Business Continuity

Is Your Business Covid-19 Ready? Work From Home & Maintain Business Continuity
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Covid-19 has quickly become a global issue, with an estimated 87,000 people affected worldwide and with it now spread to at least 30 countries. Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have seen many people enter isolation in a step to halt the spread of this virus. This has lead businesses to plan for their team members to work from home in a measure to limit the risk of a further outbreak. The Coronavirus is steadily spreading through Europe, with Ireland experiencing its first case. This has caused many businesses to prepare for the possibility of its employees working remotely. There have been many cases of businesses sending people home, who have recently visited ‘high risk’ locations and businesses should be prepared for the eventuality of having team members work from home.

IT can enable your business to maintain operations during times of crisis, find out more below!

Ensure Your Team Have Access!

Configure access to your company’s terminal server through a secure VPN & internet connection. This will allow team members to dial into the server and access files and applications. However, be warned, your sensitive data may be put at risk by employees storing confidential company data on personal devices, this could also be seen as a GDPR breach.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a secure solution, allowing team members to access their files on any device from any location. Utilising cloud computing also protects your data as data is not stored on local devices and through utilising security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication, your company’s data is secured against cyber threats. Working efficiently on the cloud, allows employees to share data, communicate and work on documents simultaneously, ensuring collaboration is not affected when working remotely.

The Importance of Hardware

To access data and maintain productivity while working from home, team members must be supplied with appropriate hardware. It is recommended you discuss this with employees and create a database of the hardware requirements of each person/department.

Cloud Telecoms

Ensure your business is contactable even in times of crisis. A Cloud Telecoms Solution allows your employees to be contactable no matter their location. Through using their computer as a softphone or accessing your telecoms system through a mobile application, your business’ phones will remain answered, allowing customers and employees alike to contact you.

Real-Time Conversations

Video conferencing allows your team members to have a face-to-face conversation from any location. This enables employees and departments to maintain regularly scheduled meetings without having to physically be present in the office, thus allowing your business to continue operating and to avoid any delay in decision making.

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