How To Choose Your Managed IT Security Partner

How To Choose Your Managed IT Security Partner
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Business environments are continuously changing, thus forcing businesses in all industries to rapidly evolve to combat these changes. A key aspect of all industries that continues to evolve is security, in particular in terms of program governance, technology and execution. Although cybersecurity is complex and difficult to manage, many businesses try to manage and maintain cybersecurity internally. However, this can often lead to breaches as internal employees cannot keep pace with the role and lack the specialised skills and competencies needed to cost-effectively protect against the increasing range, volume and severity of threats. These challenges can often lead businesses to consider partnering with a Managed IT Security Partner. Partnering with a Managed IT Security Partner can help businesses navigate complex security issues within the rapidly changing realm of compliance and regulatory requirements. When choosing a managed IT Security Partner there are many areas that can help you add value to your partnership. Find out more below!

4 Must-Haves For Your Managed IT Security Partner

Proof of Security Impact & Effectiveness

Your business should not be blinded by meaningless metrics. Your partner should present you with strategic, operational and tactical metrics. These metrics should help you understand KPIs that track the overall effectiveness of security efforts. Your Managed IT Security Partner should demonstrate how security has improved over time and provide recommendations on how to further improve security.

Round The Clock Protection

Hackers never sleep and neither does your business. Your Managed IT Security Partner should offer round-the-clock threat protection. The faster the reaction, the quicker hackers can be pushed back and damage limited.

Customer Service

No two businesses are the same and your Managed IT Security Partner should recognise this. Your relationship with this partner should allow a flow of communication when needed. Responsiveness, communication and speed are pivotal in providing a high level of service.

Advanced Security Protocols

Many businesses still believe that traditional technologies like anti-virus and firewalls are the smartest security investment they can make. The fact is, attackers and malware have found ways to easily evade these controls, which is why you should partner with a Managed IT Security Partner that offers high-value security solutions, which allows your business to withstand sophisticated attacks.

Choosing the appropriate Managed IT Security Partner for your business is a vital step in ensuring your business stays protected against modern cyber threats. To learn about our Managed IT Security Services, contact our team! We can help you devise a cybersecurity plan which will combat sophisticated cyber threats that target businesses.

Start Your Managed IT Security Journey With HCS Business Solutions!

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