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How A Cloud Telecoms Solution Can Boost Sales Productivity

How A Cloud Telecoms Solution Can Boost Sales Productivity

What Is A Cloud Telecoms Solution?

A Cloud Telecoms Solution provides businesses of all sizes with a reliable phone system that is hosted in the cloud. A Cloud Telecoms Solution can replace your traditional on-premises phone solution with a cloud solution that eliminates over-priced line rental for your business. Using a Cloud Telecoms Solution allows your business to embrace a flexible & scalable phone solution that is developed to suit your business needs.

Can A Cloud Telecoms Solution Boost Sales Productivity?

Cloud Telecoms Solutions have been adopted by businesses throughout Ireland and SMBs have recognised the benefits of this service. A key benefit of a Cloud Telecoms Solution that many businesses have experienced is an increase in sales productivity.


A Cloud Telecoms Solution Can…

Increase Communication

In recent years, it has become apparent that communication has changed drastically. Modern businesses often regularly contact people in different office locations, regions or even parts of the world. As businesses tend to now operate on a somewhat global scale a Cloud Telecoms Solution can assist in communication through either high-quality calls or video conferencing.

Never Miss A Call Again

Modern business has changed and so has how people communicate. Whether on the road, out of the office or simply working from home, members of your sales team need to be contactable by team members and customers alike. When you partner with HCS Cloud Telecoms, you gain access to a softphone, handset and mobile application, which ensures that your team never miss a call again.

Improve Reliability

Dated legacy on-premises phone solutions are not disaster-proof, thus your business risks being uncontactable by customers and team members alike during an outage. Not only will this affect productivity, but it will also negatively impact your brand reputation & sales, potentially in the short term and long term. Adopting a Cloud Telecoms Solution enables your business to improve uptime and to maintain business processes if and when disaster strikes.

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Is It Time Your Business Embraced A Cloud Telecoms Solution?

Is It Time Your Business Embraced A Cloud Telecoms Solution?

SMBs across Ireland are beginning to recognise the need for flexible Telephone and Communication solutions that can support their individual business strategies. A Cloud Telecoms Solution can provide a business with a unique competitive advantage, as these solutions can increase agility, improve workforce productivity and enrich customer experience. Communication solutions such as Cloud Telecoms promotes connectivity with customers while promoting collaboration with colleagues and partners.

Would A Cloud Telecoms Solution Assist Your Growth Strategy?

Customer Experience

When you partner with HCS Cloud Telecoms, our team of experts will ensure your migration process is seamless, causing no disruption to your team or business. This also ensures that your customers’ experiences are not hampered. Once your team are proficient at using your new Cloud Telecoms Solution you will notice an increased level of communication, collaboration and customer experience, due to improved call quality, customer engagement and more.

Enterprise-Grade Features

A Cloud Telecom Solution can give SMBs access to features that were previously only available to Enterprise-grade customers. These features allow your business to not only appear more professional to customers but also to give each customer a higher level of service.


Modern workplaces are becoming increasingly mobile and SMBs need to be able to operate from multiple locations. Through using a Cloud Telecoms Solution, employees can be reached no matter where they are, allowing greater collaboration and revenue-producing productivity.

Fully-Integrated Solution

A Cloud Telecoms Solution can easily integrate with a variety of business’ applications, such as SalesForce, etc, ensuring efficiency in workflows. Business tools that operate within the cloud can be easily deployed, which enables employees to stay connected whether in the office or on the go. Therefore the cloud can provide a consistent business presence to increase productivity with access to CRM tools, email, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing.

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Strategic Benefits Of A Cloud Telecom Solution

Strategic Benefits Of A Cloud Telecom Solution

Cloud Phone Systems are steadily growing and revolutionising how businesses communicate and do business. Given the many benefits Cloud Telecoms can bring to a business, it is no surprise that Irish businesses are adopting this service.

HCS Cloud Telecoms offers businesses of all sizes, features that will help them excel in business and achieve their strategic goals.


Strategic Benefits Of Cloud Telecoms

Lower Costs & Improved Efficiency

What first attracts businesses to Cloud Telecoms Solutions is the cost. Adopting a Cloud Telecom Solution means that there is no need to invest in bulky on-site equipment, nor pay for its regular maintenance. Reducing costs using Cloud Telecoms is an attractive proposition for businesses as it does not compromise the quality of your phone system.


A feature that businesses find truly beneficial is the scalability of a Cloud Telecom Solution. These solutions can be tailored to suit any business needs/size. A Cloud Telecom Solution can grow with your business and expand as your team does. This means that your business can quickly and easily expand its telecoms solution.


Utilising a Cloud Telecom Solution provides your business with increase business up-time when compared to traditional phone systems. This allows your business to be contactable 24/7 and for you to rest assured during times of a disaster. Cloud Telecom Solutions are a fantastic resource at a time of unforeseen circumstances as it maintains communication between your team and customers.

Increased Security

Storing data or hosting a system outside of your business’ network may be daunting to some businesses, however, the cloud is an incredibly secure method to store data and host systems. To learn more, contact our expert team today.

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How A Cloud Telecom Solution Can Assist Your Business’ Growth Strategy

How A Cloud Telecom Solution Can Assist Your Business’ Growth Strategy

As businesses continuously grow and evolve the ability to scale up or down becomes a necessity. Adding new employees is a prime example of a business that wishes to adapt its phone system to accommodate the need for more users.

Traditionally, this is more difficult to achieve with an on-premises telecom solution due to setup and maintenance costs. A cloud-based phone solution can enable businesses to manage communication services in a less costly and more streamlined approach.

Although many businesses are aware of cloud telecoms solutions, what are the strategic benefits of these systems?

Mobility & Ease Of Use

The modern workplace has become increasingly more mobile in recent years and many employees need to be able to operate from a variety of locations.

With a cloud-based phone system employees have access to features to log in from anywhere, allowing them to be reached while out of the office.


As businesses grow, so does the need to hire new team members and open new offices, etc. A communications system that can scale up or down is, therefore, an essential requirement for all businesses.

With a cloud-based phone system a business can add as many extensions as needed to accommodate their business activities and goals.

Business Continuity

Working with a cloud-based phone system allows businesses to remain connected to their customers no matter the environment. A cloud-based system is unlikely to be affected by external factors such as severe weather or other issues that may keep employees from getting to the office.

Control Over Means of Communication

A cloud-based phone system gives the business complete control. Businesses can choose which features they need and which ones they don’t need, which allows businesses to benefit from required features, without having to navigate features that are not needed.

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Hotel Phone Systems – 5 Steps To Customer Service Success

Hotel Phone Systems – 5 Steps To Customer Service Success

Hotels may often underestimate the importance of phone systems as a method of delivering high standards of customer service. Many hotels view phone systems as a cost centre rather than a profit centre and although many guests refrain from using hotel phone systems to make outbound calls, it plays an increasingly important role in providing a positive customer service experience. Hotels must remember that customer service is key to success as a negative Trip Advisor review can quickly translate into lost revenue.

Many hotels may now ask themselves just how can a modern IP based Phone System help hotels work more efficiently while improving customer service? Here are 5 ways an IP based Phone System may help!

Reduce Your Front Office Work Load

Guests understandably may have questions regarding their booking, however, timing may hinder the service customers receive as team members may be busy and cannot provide customers with the level of service they would like to. Poorly configured phones with unclear dial plans can cause more calls to the front desk, thus increasing their workload. As customer service is key in hotels and guests who are present in the hotel require the attention of the front office team, in particular during check-in and check-out times, team members may miss calls and therefore make a poor impression to customers.

Queue Calls!

Have any of your guests called room service but nobody answered? Your hotel could be losing revenue from these missed calls. As your team may be busy preparing orders, it is not unreasonable that some calls may be missed. A new phone system will allow your business to queue calls and inform customers that they will be connected shortly. This also gives your hotel the opportunity to share promotional messages with customers as they wait on hold.

Don’t Lose Bookings When Reservations Are Hard To Reach

Don’t lose a booking over your phone system. Your reservations or front office team may be too busy to take a call – however, that is no reason to lose a booking and negatively impact your occupancy rate. Queue the call, inform the customers of your latest offers and worst case scenario, record the customer’s’ number automatically and send an email to reservation staff to call the customer back.

Make An Impression – Greet Your Customers By Their Name!

Modern phone systems make it easier than ever to link the guest name to the phone system and display your guest’s name on the screen for hotel team members to greet the customer personally.

Improve Teamwork Amongst Your Team To Create A Better Service For Your Guests

A modern hotel phone system doesn’t just help your guests, it helps your team do their job more efficiently. Unified communications features for presence, easy transferring and taking of calls, message taking and more will help reservations take bookings faster, front office to speed up check-in and F&B and housekeeping to work more efficiently and above all else, allow your employees to work better as a team.

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Keep your business talking – Is it time to upgrade your business phone system?

Keep your business talking – Is it time to upgrade your business phone system?

There are common parallels to be found between the longevity of a business and its ability to evolve in the modern world. Without adapting and evolving businesses can easily fall behind their competitors. While keeping up to date with general technology is key to a successful digital workplace, the truth is that your business phone system plays one of the most important and central parts to your company’s operations.


The more efficient your business phone system is, the more efficient your business can be.


While I’m sure you probably don’t have a rotary phone sitting on your desk, you might have an old push button phone that hasn’t been upgraded for years – is it time to make some changes?


To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the most common tell tales signs that lets you know your business phone system might need an upgrade.


  1. Your phone system is just too old.

One of the biggest reasons to change your phone system is that your existing traditional system is technically obsolete. When this happens, repairs and maintenance can become increasingly expensive. Unfortunately, no telephone system will last forever, putting off an upgrade until your equipment fails will cost time and money.

  1. You’ve decided to move your office location.

Believe it or not the costs of uninstalling, transporting and reinstalling an old system can be a significant percentage of the cost of a brand-new system. It’s probably one of the most over looked aspects of office re-location, but there is never a better time to upgrade your phone system.

  1. Your company is growing.

Are you opening a new office or adding additional staff to your existing company? Does your old phone system have enough room for this expansion? A phone system with scalability is an important necessity and should be a key consideration for any business. Take this as an opportunity not only to support these new employees but to upgrade the company’s entire system at the same time.

  1. Your current system lacks functionality.

As new applications and technologies are being introduced, your old phone system probably falls significantly behind some of the latest cloud offerings. It still might make and receive calls properly, but does it have enough features to keep up with the current needs of business operations?


If your phone system is showing any of these warning signs, then it’s time to consider updating to a modern system and see the many key benefits our phone systems can deliver: 


  1. Flexible communications – Tailor your communications and work from anywhere with our Mobile App. Take advantage of flexible communications and make any phone your business phone, just as if you were sitting in your office.
  2. Roam Free – Although useful, it can cost your company a fortune in data roaming fees. With our mobile app you can conveniently connect anywhere in the world, make and receive calls while reducing hefty roaming mobile bills.
  3. Be free to work from anywhere – All employees whether in the office, at home or on the road can integrate seamlessly with our Mobile and Desktop Apps, letting them work as a single team no matter where they are located. Don’t let snow storms stop you now – Work as one office environment anywhere and anytime.
  4. Instant results with instant messaging – See when your colleagues are available to call and collaborate when you need to. Use simultaneous IM sessions with others in your company while also sending instant messages to multiple people at once.
  5. Supercharge your contact centre – take control of your customer service department with integrated contact centre functionality and increase your ability to multitask and handle overflow and priority calls.

Whether on premises or hosted, HCS Business Solutions can help you with a scalable, affordable, and flexible phone systems designed specifically for your business needs. And with our affordable Secure SIP Trunks, it means you don’t pay more than your need to for business calls. Without compromising on voice quality, we can provide you with the savings your company needs.


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