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Digital Transformation – How to unlock underused potential with IT

Digital Transformation – How to unlock underused potential with IT

Businesses around the world are continuously searching for ways to unlock potential in their employee’s and increase their productivity. Through unlocking this, potential companies can grow and expand their operations with ease. However, the appropriate IT systems can be essential in encouraging employees to increase productivity.

Through investing in technology, you can increase your team’s productivity. To help you further understand the critical role IT plays in unlocking potential, check out our list below:

1.Ability To Work Remotely

Modern employees are flexible and mobile and due to ever increasing internet speeds and adoption of cloud computing allows team members to access files and work from anywhere and on any device. Many employees are moving away from the traditional 9 to 5 working hours, often opting to work remotely.

2.Collaboration Is Key

A common goal for businesses is to increase collaboration amongst employees. For SMBs, introducing cloud computing has made it possible to share information with colleagues with ease. Cloud computing also allows team members to work together on projects simultaneously.

For larger businesses tools such as Skype for Business and SharePoint can boost collaboration and allow teams to seamlessly work together on multiple projects. These collaboration tools enable teams to share documents, host conference calls and more, regardless of their location.

3.Be Prepared For Disasters

Many businesses often wait until it is too late to implement a safe and reliable data recovery plan. Don’t wait until a disaster happens, plan and prepare for its eventuality. Losing critical data to a fire or another disaster at your business’ premises can cause considerable downtime to your business. Instead, minimise damage by backing up your data and having an adequate data recovery plan.

4.Commnication Is Key In Project Management

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Ensuring your business has the approptiate IT and management tools in place will allow team members to organise and priortise tasks and projects amongst teams. This will allow your business to reduce unnecessary steps while improving communication and productivty.

All areas of a business are affected by productivity, including employee and customer relations, culture and revenue. Through implementing the appropriate IT infrastructure HCS Business Solutions can assist your business in embracing Digital Transformation and unlocking under used productivity.

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How Digital Transformation Can Improve Your Business

How Digital Transformation Can Improve Your Business

Digital tools and processes are a necessity in modern businesses. Traditional businesses may have slowly adopted digital technology, however, in recent years technology has been an essential part of business activities.

Almost everybody has access to the internet, either through a computer or more likely through their mobile phone. This includes businesses of all sizes and industries.

Digital tools and solutions allow companies to innovate and create new processes to become more efficient.

Digital Transformation may often be disruptive within a business but can also create new opportunities. Before utilising digital transformation within your business, you must understand what it is.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation offers solutions to traditional problems your business may experience. It allows you to become more innovative and go beyond the restraints of traditional methods.

Digital transformation can have a holistic impact on your business and operations. This also includes your employees, culture, skills and work capacity. It also involves your business’ workflows, tasks and methods. Digital transformation may also change the physical environment of your business, including the geography, equipment and technology used.

The influence of digital transformation will impact and shape your strategic direction, budget and your business agility.

Opportunities & Challenges

Digital transformation can create many potential opportunities for business, however, it can also present new challenges.

One of the main challenges that businesses need to be aware of is that they need to be agile with competitors who may seek to utilise the same advantages as your business.

Almost every industry has experienced some form of digital transformation, from hospitality, e-commerce, agriculture and healthcare. Yet, not all businesses have an effective digital transformation plan in place.

How Will Digital Transformation Add Efficiencies?

Time Management

Between managing emails and searching for information online or through their company’s intranet, many employees spend a large amount of their workday trying to stay organised. Through allowing your team to manage their time better with digital transformation and tools such as automatically organised in-boxes and organised internal information, etc. Your team could save large amounts of time and repurpose that time on more productive tasks that are closely aligned to your business’ strategic goals.

Digital features such as instant messaging can streamline communication with ease.

Customer Experience & Engagement

An essential part of any business is knowing and understanding your customers and having a direct line of communications open with them. Digital transformation can solve many of these problems by creating a streamlined channel for consumer communication and engagement. This, in turn, can increase sales.

Better Employees

Digital transformation doesn’t just improve your business’ internal systems, it also helps your team become more focused and engaged with your strategic goals. Although digital transformation is not the only way to engage your team, it does help to improve productivity. Through digital transformation employees can work better, communicate easier and boost productivity.

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Why You Should Use Bespoke Software

Why You Should Use Bespoke Software

There are many software solutions to help make you, your team and your business more productive. If you are considering utilising enterprise software to maximise your business’ potential, there are two main options; a commercial package with a one-size-fits-most approach or a bespoke software solution that is specifically designed to me the needs of your business. In relation to commercial packages, you may have encountered several solutions that just aren’t the right ‘fit’ for your business. Often off-the-shelf software solutions do what you need them to but they often also have many unused features, which can increase the learning curve for team members which can decrease productivity. Often these solutions have features that your business will not need and cannot be easily configured with your existing processes. Also, if you are considering a product that has planned updates and new features being developed that would be critical to increasing your business efficiency, but you have no control over when or how the developer releases these updates. If any of these scenarios are too similar for you, it may be worth considering utilising a bespoke software solution.

How can bespoke software benefit your business?

1.Direct Relationship With Developers When you partner with our software development team, you have more control over the type of software that is being developed. Through continuous updates developed in an ‘agile environment’ you will be updated on all aspects of the development and you can interject with your thoughts/opinions at all stages of the development. Through explaining your business and the needed function of the software, our software development team can develop a solution specifically made for your business.

2.Industry Expertise While working with our software development team, they will draw on their vast industry knowledge and expertise to suggest functionalities to allow your software solution to blend seamlessly into your business. Your software development should adapt to your needs and not the other way around.

3.Support When you adopt a bespoke software into your business, we will work with you to provide continued support. Our software developers have an innate understanding of each software solution they develop. This means that you don’t have to wait for an essential update or spend large amounts of time going through FAQ sections and message boards to try to find an article to help solve a problem. Our team will be able to help you quickly and efficiently address any issues that may arise.

4.Software The Grows With Your Business A key benefit of working with a bespoke software solution is that not only does it meets your current needs, but it also has the capability to grow with your business. A bespoke software solution will allow you to commission new features that help your business adapt and easily grow.

5.Save Time Training Staff


Without unneeded features, a bespoke solution will be easy to train your staff in. Through working with your developer, a custom software solution is designed to integrate with your existing systems. This lowers the amount of training required as you team will be learning about a software that integrates with your existing processes.


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Why Your Business Needs A Custom Software Development

Why Your Business Needs A Custom Software Development

In today’s competitive world where businesses are continuously seeking to improve their processes, a custom software development is a productive and efficient way to help your company stand out from the crowd and get ahead of your competition.

What is Custom Software?

Custom software (also referred to as bespoke of tailor-made software) is software developed specifically for a business to accommodate their preferences, expectations or goals. Custom software is developed to fit a company’s needs and varies from traditional off-the-shelf software which is available to a larger audience.

Advantages of Custom Software

While developing a custom software solution your business dictates how you want your final product to look and operate, this will let you scale and develop additional software pieces when necessary for your business.

The Key Advantages of Custom Software are:

1.It is developed to specifically address the needs of your business

With bespoke software, a direct relationship is established between you and your developer. Your developer can change your software as required while collaborating with you to make the application as efficient as possible. This makes the software unique to your business.

2.Custom software increases productivity

As your software development is designed to meet the needs and requirements of your business. This allows your team to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively.


Businesses constantly grow, in many cases an off-the-shelf software solution may not be able to evolve with your business and fulfil its requirements. Bespoke software can evolve and grow with your company.

4.Your software is maintained as long as it is required

This is a key differentiator when you compare custom software and an off-the-shelf application. A custom software development is yours and you can do anything you wish with it. In relation to an off-the-shelf software application, you are at the mercy of the company that you purchased the application from. Doing this puts your business in a vulnerable position as you are dependant on another company to update and improve your key software applications.


With bespoke software developments, you receive dependable technical support from our expert team who developed your application. These developers are familiar with your software and can solve problems if and when they arise.

All businesses have different needs, however many businesses notice that off-the-shelf software applications often fail to truly fulfil their needs. Through utilising a custom software solution businesses can create a tailor-made software that will improve internal processes, allowing businesses to have an advantage over competitors.

At HCS Business Solutions have the skills and knowledge to develop custom Software Solutions. As Microsoft Gold Partners we are also proven experts in Microsoft Technologies. Regardless of the industry your business is in, our team can work with you to develop and implement a custom software solution.

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5 Benefits of Bespoke Software Developments

5 Benefits of Bespoke Software Developments

Many businesses use off-the-shelf applications on a daily basis. These applications may fulfil an immediate functionality requirement, however, they often lack certain features that would benefit your business’ processes. Stock software often has many unnecessary functions that are not relevant to your business.

There are many benefits to developing a bespoke Software Solution;

1.Ease of use

Bespoke Software Solutions are designed around your business needs, this ensures that any features that are developed are required by your business. This ensures that the software is used more efficiently. This also ensures that learning time is reduced as employees are re-learning processes that directly apply to business processes.

2.Branding and Identity

A bespoke Software Solution’s unique tools, such as forms and auto messages allow you to communicate your brand voice, which will benefit your brand recognition. Often a small detail can be a key differentiator between you and your competitors.

3.Efficient processes

A bespoke Software Solution is generally developed using an agile process, with constant communication from our Software Development Team to ensure that the development is aligned to your business needs. This will ensure that the finished application will be matched to your specific working processes.

4.Complete ownership

During the development process, your business is in the driver’s seat. We will work with your team to ensure that the software that is being developed will benefit your business. Our team are experts when it comes to software and will guide you through your software development journey.


A bespoke software development can generally be customised to integrate with existing key software used within the business. Introducing a bespoke software doesn’t mean the previous integrations will stop working.

We are industry leading experts in bespoke Software Development. Our team of Software Developers have the proven knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that benefit your business. To learn more about how a bespoke Software Solution can benefit your business, contact us!

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