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Why Your Business Should Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication

Why Your Business Should Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication
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The password is arguably the most popular and most common security measure available and most of the time it is also the most vulnerable. In the case of a data breach, many companies simply have their employees change their passwords.

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However, the password has a lot of shortcomings. Primarily, passwords do not provide strong enough identity checks. Anyone who obtains your password can access your accounts easily. In addition to this, the security of the account is purely based on the strength of the password, which is generally not strong enough.

This is one of the many reasons why companies are adopting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to supplement the password as a means of access control, or in some cases an actual alternative to passwords.

What Is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a secure method of logging in to your account. Authentication methods that rely on more than one ‘proof of identity’ are more likely to hinder any attempt at accessing data through illegal methods. An appropriately designed Multi-Factor Authentication process is much more effective in deterring hackers when compared to traditional single factor authentication methods.

Why Are Businesses Using Multi-Factor Authentication?

Strengthen Security
The core principle of MFA is that each factor compensates for the weaknesses of the other factors, e.g. if a password is compromised it is useless without the other authentication factors. Unless a hacker has all of the authentication factors required by your system, they will not be granted access to your accounts.

Simplify The Login Process
Many people assume that having multiple authentication factors would make logging in a difficult process. However, MFA is a quick and easy process. When logging in to your account, you will receive a verification code to your mobile phone. Once you enter this code you will be granted access to your account.

MFA Has Become An Essential Cybersecurity Component
Many companies are recognising the threat of data breaches and the level of damage that these can cause. MFA gives you peace of mind knowing your data is protected, which in turn allowed you to focus on your business goals.

HCS Business Solutions can help you secure your business with Multi-Factor Authentication from just €5.10 per user per month. To learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication email sales@hcs.ie or click here!

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