You depend on broadband, is it reliable?

Enterprise broadband backed by a 4 hour response and 24*7 SLA.


Broadband and Connectivity

If your business depends on broadband then consider Fibre, Licenced Wireless or EFM to provide the quality you need backed by a 24 hour SLA. Quality Broadband costs but it’s also guaranteed.


Fibre Optic Connection

A fibre optic connection is the ultimate in speed and performance and enables you to run multiple services, such as PRi and MPLS and Direct Internet Access over the same link. Fibre can be delivered through ENETs Metropolitan Area Networks or Eircom’s Fibre Infrastructure. Call us now to see if Fibre is an option for your premises.

Licenced Wireless

A Licenced Wireless link is a highly dependable service these days and can provide links of up to 1Gbs in city locations. Links of between 3Mb and 100Mb can be provided in most locations. Next to performance, support is a key requirement for these links. HCS recommend only links with a 4 hour SLA. Call us now to see if Licenced Wireless is an option for you.

EFM Voice and Data Circuits

If you’re looking for data or voice connectivity with an enterprise SLA, then “Ethernet First Mile” is a great lower cost option. EFM is the bonding together of multiple copper pairs from the exchange to provide an Ethernet link. Options from 1Mb up to 40Mb Synchronous. Call us now to see if your Local Exchange is EFM ready.

Need a new Phone line or Broadband? 

If you need a new phone line such as analogue, ISDN FPRI, PRI lines or a new broadband connection HCS have direct access to Eircom’s Infrastructure and can order anything you need. If you wish we can bill you for this line also as part of our Managed Telecoms Service.

Happy Enterprise Broadband Customers

HCS takes the pain away from dealing with multiple vendors for Broadband and Connectivity.