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Boost Productivity Utilising IT

Businesses are continuously searching for ways to increase productivity amongst their team members. With continuous advancements in processes and technology, managers regularly seek out ways to reduce the steps in tedious processes.

Generally, within a business, the responsibility for increasing productivity falls on managers and business owners, and not employees. There are many challenges that may discourage managers or business owners enacting change that will boost productivity, such as; fear of the unknown, staying committed to the current status quo or simply not understanding how best to use employees to boost productivity.

Considering the above, technology can greatly improve productivity with a certain level of ease. If you work within HR or are a manager/business owner, developing a technology investment that will improve productivity requires a well-planned strategy. Technology can, however, assist your business in increasing productivity, in means such as;

collaborating online with colleagues will working remotely

5 Ways Technology Can Boost Productivity

Create A Collaborative Environment

Brain-storming is one of the most invaluable activities a team can do. Brainstorming can help clarify the needs of a team, the various processes that are required on a particular project and how best to create new processes. However, many people in a business are often busy and may neglect or be unable to dedicate the required time to a brainstorming meeting. Technology can allow team members to work together on projects without ever leaving their desk! Through utilising collaboration technology, employees can discuss ideas, create processes, simultaneously work on documents or collaborate while problem-solving. Have a look at SharePoint and how it can enable online collaboration with employees, customers and other stakeholders. 

Simplify Daily Tasks

Mundane tasks that often take up a few minutes daily are a part of every employee’s day. However, all of these minutes add up over time. Technology can help you simplify these tasks and improve productivity along the way. Through implementing automated processes, you can also minimise your team members taking unnecessary steps in general tasks. Power Apps and Power Automate provide an easy means to automate time consuming tasks. 

Eliminate Manual File Sharing

Have you ever waited hours or even days for a team member to share a document with you? Naturally, this will greatly affect your productivity as you cannot complete your task without the required information. Through adopting an internal collaboration portal, such as Sharepoint, your team can access up to date documents and data with ease.

The Power Of Remote Working

With more and more businesses embracing cloud computing, many workers are now able to work remotely and access documents and data no matter their location. Allowing team members to work remotely allows them to catch up on work while on the road or meeting clients.

Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and productivity may seem like separate concepts at first, however, they tend to intersect more often than businesses assume. Through embracing an employee engagement tool, such as Microsoft Teams your business can connect with employees allowing them to feel engaged and connected with team members, managers and colleagues.

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