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Engage Your Team With Beekeeper

The Beekeeper communications platform facilitates workplace enagement by allowing employees to connect with eachother and increase productivity. This HR tool streamlines operations and enables mobile collaboration through secure messaging and shift management.

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One Employee App For Your Entire Organisation

Integrate Beekeeper With Existing Digital Workforce Solutions

Simplify operations by integrating existing enterprise systems in one intuitive employee app interface. Connect with over 750 cloud applications with the plug-and-play connectors found in the Beekeeper Marketplace.

Embrace Digitalisation With Beekeeper’s Open API Business Communications App

Beekeeper’s open API gives IT teams the ability to create custom connectors and integrations ensuring your business optimises its resources.

Ensure Your Data Remains Secure

Beekeeper ensures your data and privacy remain secure with their best-in-class 256-bit TLS encryption, advanced firewall protection, regular external security audits, and ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Engage Your Entire Workforce

Real-Time Two Way Communication

Boost your team’s productivity and streamline internal communications with one-to-one and group messaging capabilities. Share files and automate HR processes such as onboarding with ease.

Internal Alignment

Create team-dedicated communication streams to engage your team with consistent content to various departments and create automated workflows.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Workforce Costs

Simplify Operations

Beekeeper can integrate with existing HRM systems or Active Directory to securely store employee data in one place.

Capitalise Big Data

Base business decisions on rich data. Making data-driven decisions allows your business to reduce costs and embrace modern processes using the Beekeeper Analytics Dashboard.

Reach Employees With A Customised Communications App!

Reach your employees, especially those who may not have business email addresses, via mobile, desktop or digital signage with HR tools such as confirmation campaigns to ensure critical information is received.

Connect With Your Team

Create a culture of belonging in your business by sharing team experiences and encouraging your team members to connect across different shifts, departments, or locations utilising a stream dedicated to team communication.

Increase Employee Motivation

Inspire your team members with company-wide employee recognition and celebrate the successes of each team member to create a culture of transparancy and collaboration.

Gain Insights Instantly

Utilise Employee Surveys to keep your HR team informed with critical feedback in minutes. Boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by analysing responses to enact impactful internal changes.

Your Fully Customisable and Branded Workforce App

Secure and Compliant

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