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Streamline Payroll In Your Business

Streamline Payroll In Your Business

Most HR professionals get into the Human Resources business because, well, they like dealing with humans. Payroll processing is practically the exact opposite of that. It’s a tedious, time-consuming task that’s a regular cause of stress and anxiety for most HR departments.

What’s more, the consequences of even the slightest mistake can have disastrous consequences. When it comes to getting paid, you better believe people are paying attention, and even the slightest slip can land even a seasoned HR professional in a world of trouble. The easiest way to tank team morale within a company is to not pay employees on time.

Here are some of the biggest payroll-related stressors for HR teams.

1) Administrative Avalanche

Payroll processing has a million moving pieces, and even seasoned HR professionals can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of administrative tasks involved. Between keeping track of time off, hourly workers vs. salary employees, compliance issues, and handing out paystubs, payroll can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

2) Record Keeping Woes

In some cases, businesses in the U.S. are required to keep detailed records of their employees’ salaries and deductions for up to 5 years. When it comes to storing manual paperwork, there’s a lot that can go wrong in that amount of time. Files may get lost or damaged, and locating old paperwork may become next to impossible due to the number of files being stored onsite.

3) Terribly Time-Consuming

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges HR leaders are faced with it comes to processing payroll is simply the amount of time it takes to do the job. Double checking for accuracy, triple checking for compliance, quadruple checking payout amounts — the entire process from start to finish can end up eating away days of precious time that could be better spent attending to employees’ needs.

Alleviate Painful Payroll Processing with an Operational Communication Platform that Integrates with Your HR Tech

Outdated, disparate payroll solutions can be a massive headache for HR leaders. Fortunately, the right operational communications platform can help HR teams do more than simply communicate effectively with their team.

Discover how Beekeeper helps HR leaders at Watergate Hotel communicate with their frontline employees!

How to Digitize Your Payroll Process with App Integrations

An operational communication platform like Beekeeper that has a robust Marketplace of third party integrations can dramatically improve your company’s payroll process.

Here are just a few of Beekeeper’s integrations with leading HR software providers.

  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • ADP
  • Workday
  • Mirus
  • Ultipro
  • Bamboo HR
  • Gastromatic
  • BambooHR

A screenshot of navigation extensions with Innovation App in Beekeeper team app being using for operations management.

Benefits of Beekeeper Integrations with HR Tech

With all the available HR integrations, users can build their ideal digital workplace for their employees. Here are a few ways that Beekeeper can help streamline the payroll process and spend more time doing what HR leaders do best — act as a resource to other humans. Beekeeper integrates with leading payroll software provides to make payroll management easier than ever.

Single Sign-On

Beekeeper’s single sign-on capabilities enable users to securely authenticate login information with multiple applications and websites by allowing them to log in only once — with just one set of credentials (username and password).

Access to Payslips

Beekeeper’s ADP integration allows HR leaders to provide employees with access to their payslips 24/7. You’ll never have to field those “I lost my paystub. Can I get another copy?” request ever again!

Take Domino’s Pizza for example. Not only were they able to improve the performance of their frontline workers with Beekeeper, but they were also able to integrate Beekeeper with their existing HR software through an app integration.

Before integrating with Beekeeper, it often took their HR team 2-3 hours each week just to pack envelopes!

Now, Domino’s payroll is connected to the Beekeeper operational communication platform, so that employees are on-boarded into the system as soon as they join the company. All paperwork and other onboarding resources can be easily accessed via the team messaging app — even payslips!

“While our prior payroll system was time-consuming and cumbersome, Beekeeper’s operations integrations suite has allowed us to digitize the whole process. Payslips are now accessible to employees with a single click.”

– Claudia Scherrer Dominos, Head of Human Resources, Domino’s Pizza

Seamless User Management

With Beekeeper’s SAP SuccessFactors and ADP integrations, HR professionals can now seamlessly manage their workforce data such as employee information, payroll, payslips, PTO requests, and scheduling. These Beekeeper integrations allow HR to automatically synchronize their SAP SuccessFactors or ADP employee information with Beekeeper so each employee’s personal data is always up to date in both systems.

Beekeeper Azure integration

“The ADP integration allows us to easily manage users. Anytime new employees are added or leave the company, we only need to update ADP and it will automatically add them to Beekeeper or suspend them. We also pull over different profile fields like location, role, supervisor, start date, and these fields determine which group they are part of in Beekeeper and which streams they can see. Overall, the whole integration process was effortless.”

– Amber Kasting, Human Resources, West Star Aviation

HR Leaders Should Be Able to Focus on Humans

HR professionals are like the emotional caretakers of a company. They are the mediators, advocates, and champions for the people. When a company leverages its HR tech effectively, the benefits are limitless.

It’s time to stop bogging HR leaders down with time-consuming administrative tasks and allow them to focus on providing employees with the support, tools, and resources they need to be successful.

Enable your HR Team to be there for your employees!

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Improve Internal Communications To Manage Change

Improve Internal Communications To Manage Change

In business, change is inevitable. Companies evolve in any number of ways: new leadership, rapid growth, a merger, or an acquisition. In order to adapt, companies need a stabilizing force during a time of flux. Whatever the catalyst for change, an internal communications platform can:

  • Support your operations
  • Foster unified communication
  • Align and prepare your employees for what’s to come
  • Avoid workflow interruptions by bridging communication gaps

Partnered with the right digital tools, an internal communications strategy delivers high-performance results, ranging from improved employee engagement and productivity to customer satisfaction. When a company is facing a transformation, the right internal communications tools deliver a high ROI, and can mean the difference between success and failure.

Internal Communications Designed for Adaptability

During any time of organizational transition, your operational communications need to be leadership-led and as solid as possible. Consider a digital workforce solution, like a team app, with the following that reaches every employee for solid, unified communication so nobody feels left in the dark.

  • Mobile-first solution. A team app levels the playing field with mobile-first design to deliberately reach frontline workers who have been long been excluded from traditional internal communications.
  • Low barrier to entry. Avoid technology with too many functionalities and steep learning curves that will only “confuse and lose” your employees. Look for a straightforward rollout strategy and easy interface to keep operational communications and workflows running smoothly throughout a company’s metamorphosis.
  • Scalability. Whether your workforce size expands or you add locations halfway around the world, you need an agile platform that will ebb and flow with corporate evolutions.
  • Customer success support. Your investment in a team app should include customer success support that carries through beyond rollout.

A Workforce Solution That Builds Trust Through Transformation

The unknowns of workplace changes can create dynamics that contribute to a worried, distracted workforce. Needless to say, productivity is often the first area that takes a hit. People want and deserve, to know pertinent information such as the fate of their jobs, or changes to their schedule. Bringing your workforce together with a team app is a critical step towards transparency by including them in relevant messaging, eliminating ambiguity, and earning their trust.

Most workforce solutions only reach knowledge workers. For full workforce alignment, you need to connect every single employee, from your CEO to your frontline workforce, to give everyone a sense of ownership in change management. Improved employee engagement during change is a vital ROI marker since you need employee buy-in to increase the odds of success.

Continuity in Operational Communications

During corporate re-organization, workflows are easily interrupted, and operational communications can all but shut down. A digital workforce solution becomes that stabilizing force to bridge communication. So while changes might be happening to your external environment, your internal structure and operational communication remain resilient and intact.

FRHI Hotels and Resorts is a company that has learned to thrive through change. What started out as one luxury hotel has evolved through mergers and acquisitions into a corporation that runs 125 properties around the world with 45,000 employees. To provide continuity of operational communications through growth, they use Beekeeper to avoid any interruptions to workflows and guest service.

“Beekeeper has become the primary platform to deliver company news, updates, and any kind of executive communication.” –Alexandra Zeifman, Internal Communications, Project Manager, FRHI

With its low barrier to entry, Beekeeper is easily adopted by new FRHI properties and teams. The app’s inline translation feature allows employees in any of the company’s 30 countries to fully participate from day one, enabling seamless communication as the company continues to grow.

Dynamic Analytics Dashboard to Measure ROI

With an analytics dashboard, you can get actionable data on employee engagement, open rates, and workforce feedback on all team app content that benefits every level of your organization from HR to operations. Organizations can leverage these insights to improve operational communications, implement new policies or procedural changes, and boost overall workplace culture.

Employers can also directly measure the ROI of the team app by assessing the impact of campaigns and related content on internal communications, employee retention, and operational efficiency.

A Team App Creates Cultural Alignment

Employees are your greatest asset. Your company’s success depends on their engagement. But they’re often overlooked when companies make big decisions. For instance, when companies are negotiating a merger or acquisition, failure is often attributed to “people and organisational issues.”

On paper, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods looked like a marriage made in heaven. However, Whole Foods has long been known for its more relaxed culture while Amazon has operated a much stricter workplace. According to Harvard Business Review, merging two different cultures has negatively affected employee engagement and has stalled the expected success of the acquisition.

Preparation is crucial to the successful merger of company cultures. A team app helps companies plan workforce integration before they become a centralized entity by minimizing disruptions and allowing people to work together as a team from day one.

Improve your internal communications with Beekeeper!

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Secure Internal Communications With Beekeeper

Secure Internal Communications With Beekeeper

On Wednesday, July 10th news broke out across the internet that a new type of malware known by the dubious pseudonym of “Agent Smith” had quietly spread to over 25 million mobile phones across the globe.

How did this happen? Experts believe that malware was secretly downloaded onto Android devices when users attempted to download certain apps such as WhatsApp. Instead of downloading the app, the user was actually downloading dangerous malware, leaving their mobile device completely exposed.

This latest malware attack is just the most recent in a string of security breaches associated with the consumer chat app, WhatsApp.

Here’s what you need to know about this latest security threat.

What Is “Agent Smith?”

Agent Smith is a new type of particularly toxic malware that secretly replaces popular apps like WhatsApp on people’s phones without their knowledge. The new version of the fake apps then display a slew of ads right there on a user’s phone.

The malware works by exploiting an existing weakness in Android operating systems.

India was hit hardest by these Agent Smith attacks, though there were also a considerable number of victims throughout Australia, the UK, and the US.

So far, the goal of the attack appears to have been centered around serving up ads on Android users’ mobile devices, although some security experts have warned that this malware could easily be used for more malicious intent like stealing someone’s banking information or even spying on unsuspecting users through their camera or microphones.

WhatsApp — A Breeding Ground for Scammers

The ubiquity of WhatsApp has also made it the ideal place for scammers to locate potential victims. Just days before the Agent Smith attacks made headlines, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) released a new crime advisory of a scam involving the hacking of WhatsApp accounts.

According to the police, the scam would begin with a target receiving a WhatsApp message (from a registered number on the victim’s contact list, whose account has already been hacked) asking for a six-digit verification code sent to the victim’s phone.

Once someone falls for the trap and sends the verification code, the victim completely loses control of their WhatsApp account!

A Secure Internal Communication Solution Is More Important than Ever

Consumer chat apps like WhatsApp are practically crawling with spammers, scammers, and hackers. Yet businesses still use these platforms to share sensitive internal business data every single day.

In light of the recent GDPR regulations, it’s absolutely essential to ensure that your frontline employees are using a compliant, secure messaging platform. Otherwise, your business could be vulnerable to outside attacks.

Beekeeper — The Secure Operational Communication Platform

Don’t waste time trying to track down communication software that complies with new data privacy laws. Beekeeper is already GDPR-compliant! Beekeeper offers a secure communication platform that protects employee and sensitive business data. This platform believes in its users’ rights to privacy and will stop at nothing to ensure the security of users’ personal data.

Communicate with your team using a Secure Communication Platform!

To learn more about Beekeeper and to find out how this tool can improve internal communications while increasing internal security, contact our team today!

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Protect Your Data From Social Engineering Attempts

Protect Your Data From Social Engineering Attempts

Social Engineering is a cybercrime which aims to harvest data from users without their knowledge. The types of information these cyber-criminals hope to access may vary, however, they often target individuals in the hopes of gaining access to their passwords or bank information. Hackers generally use social engineering techniques on individuals as it is often easier to exploit someone’s trust than to use the time to hack into software. Basically, some cyber-criminals find it easier to trick someone into providing confidential data than hacking their passwords. To ensure your team members are secure, they should know who and what to trust. Individuals should know not to trust the person they are communicating with unless known to the individual. It should be viewed the same as any other online interaction or transaction if a website didn’t appear to be legitimate, would you share your information with it? Most security experts agree that the weakest link in the security chain is people. It is essential for businesses to provide appropriate training for their employees to ensure they can not only recognise social engineering attempts and other online security threats but to also avoid becoming a victim to them. There are many ways to recognise these threats and to ensure the person you are communicating with is who they say they are, such as;  

Think Before You Click!

To ensure you share your confidential data, cyber-criminals often convey a sense of urgency to make you act first and think later. When you receive a highly urgent message from a source you are unsure of, take a moment to ensure it is credible.

Research Sources

Always be wary of unsolicited messages. Check the domain links to see if they are real and that the person emailing you is part of the organisation. A typo or spelling error is an indicator that this email is not from a credible source. If you hover your cursor over a link before clicking it will reveal the link in the bottom. This is another way of ensuring that the source is credible and safe.

Be Wary When Opening Files

If you 1. don’t know the sender, 2. didn’t expect an attachment from the sender or 3. are unsure if you should view the file, check with the person who sent you the file to ensure it is safe to open or download.

Ensure Your Protect Yourself

Delete Requests For Confidential Information Or Passwords

It is rare that someone will contact you via email for your personal information. Remember this when ensuring the credibility of a source. If the source is unverified, do not share your data.

Secure Your Devices

Ensure your devices are secured and that your anti-virus software is up to date. Firewalls should be updated regularly and you should ensure security is a priority within your business. Multi-Factor Authentication is a method in which your data is secured and protected through multiple requests to confirm your identity.

Always Be Aware Of Risks

Always ensure that requests for information are credible. If you are unsure of a data request or email, do not share data, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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The Role of Managed IT Services In Digital Transformation

The Role of Managed IT Services In Digital Transformation

It is not uncommon for many businesses to attempt to digitally transform internal processes but fail to do so. However, businesses should not be discouraged from evolving due to this as the benefits of successful digital transformation can enable a business to streamline processes, increase agility, reduce costs and more.

As digital transformation is more than just technology, businesses must be prepared to embrace and grow with new processes and systems. Generally, digital transformation is a combination of internal factors, such as people, equipment and processes. Ultimately digital transformation will change how you carry out your business, not just the IT that supports you.

How can you ensure the success of Digital Transformation? Choose an appropriate Managed IT Services Partner.

Businesses often partner with a Managed IT Services Provider for many reasons. Business owners may feel overwhelmed with growing and maintaining a business and do not have the time or the knowledge to manage internal IT issues. Existing internal IT teams may already be busy managing day-to-day break/fix challenges that team members encounter during their workday, or you may wish to stay ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity risks. Regardless of your reasons, Managed IT Services can allow you to streamline processes and technologies in your business.

What are the Key Benefits of Managed IT Services?

24x7 support – It simply isn’t possible for a business owner or internal IT team to work all day every day, especially in smaller and medium-sized businesses, your business simply does not have the resources to maintain a team to do this. Managed IT Services providers like HCS Business Solutions have the qualified team of support technicians and engineers who can ensure your IT systems are maintained.

Backup and Storage – For a business to implement a backup and storage strategy efficiently, a significant amount of time and space must be given to this, not to mention, cost. However Managed IT Service providers have access to existing networks, which allows you to reduce costs while also ensuring data is stored in a secure location as your team of support technicians will ensure that updates are made regularly.

Alerts and Monitoring – Cybersecurity risks and system failures can cause serious disruptions to a business’ processes. There are many ways to ensure your data remains secure, the primary way of doing this is to proactively monitor your systems. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your business is secure, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Start your Digital Transformation journey with Managed IT Services!

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