One Year Later, Is Your Business GDPR Compliant? - HCS

One Year Later, Is Your Business GDPR Compliant?

One Year Later, Is Your Business GDPR Compliant?
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GDPR recently celebrated its first birthday, having come into effect across Europe on May 25th 2018. This new regulation promised to be a milestone in user privacy and data awareness & protection. With many countries within Europe noting a significant rise in the number of complaints made regarding users data, many businesses are still struggling to become compliant or maintain their compliance. For businesses, GDPR is now an essential aspect of their data poilicies that must be adhered to, however, businesses must remember becoming GDPR compliant is a journey for everyone within the business.  

Steps To Becoming Compliant

Map Your Company's Data

Review the sources of the data within your business and document how this data is processed. Following this, identify where this data is stored, who has access to this data and if there are any possible risks to this data? Not only will this assist you with GDPR compliance it will also help your business’ Customer Relationship Management.  

Determine What Data Is Necessary

Don’t keep data that is not essential to your business activities and remove any data that is unused. When reviewing this data, ask yourself ‘Why are we storing this data instead of erasing it?’ and ‘What goals are we trying to achieve by storing this data?’  

Think Security!

Your business must protect the data it holds. To ensure data is protected your business should implement safeguards throughout your network to ensure any attempts to access data by hackers are hindered. We recommend partnering with an IT Solutions company to manage your IT security to ensure your business is protected against modern cyber threats. An effective method of ensuring your data is secure is to carry out a security audit. Our GDPR Protect Audit helps your business to establish security controls to prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and breaches within your business.

Review Documentation

Under GDPR, the rules surrounding Consent have changed. Pre-checked boxes and implied or assumed consent are no longer acceptable to use. Businesses must review all consent statements and disclosures and update documentation where necessary.

Establish Data Handling Procedures

Your business should have policies and procedures put into place that informs employees on the appropriate methods of handling and managing data. These policies and procedures should be accessible by all team members and communicated throughout your business.

Train Your Team

GDPR has changed how businesses should manage and process data. This has changed the data management policies of many businesses, for this policy to be implemented effectively, businesses must train their team members to understand the role they play in your business becoming compliant or maintaining compliance. Our GDPR Compliance Training course discusses the relevant concepts of GDPR, outlines the facts through animated videos, interactive quizzes and accurate content to enhance your employee’s understanding of GDPR and data protection in everyday work scenarios.  
To learn more about how HCS Business Solutions can help your business become GDPR compliant, contact our offices in Waterford or Dublin today! When you partner with HCS Business Solutions we work with your business to ensure it is GDPR compliant and secured against sophisticated cyber attacks and threats.
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