5G May Cause an Increase in Cyber Crime, Experts Say - HCS

5G May Cause an Increase in Cyber Crime, Experts Say

5G May Cause an Increase in Cyber Crime, Experts Say
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With 5G set to be rolled out next year, cyber security experts have urged users to do more to protect themselves from cyber threats explaining that many devices could be hacked due to this new technology.

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Representatives from McAfee said that users were still making basic security errors such as using the same password on multiple applications. This continues to fuel online crime.

The chief scientist at McAfee said: “You could stop the majority of cybercrime if people had strong passwords, they didn’t have the same passwords on every account, they didn’t click on every link”.

“These are simple things that we’ve been saying for 30 years. It is about getting that message across to people, showing them the vulnerabilities and the hacks that exist”

“The objective isn’t to scare people. The objective is to get people to understand that this is the reality of what’s going on,” he stated.

“We don’t want you to be scared about using a mobile phone – you’re going to use a mobile phone – but here’s the threat. These are the detections, these are the banking attacks that are happening.”

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 5G, the next generation of mobile communication was discussed. 5G is expected to be up to ten times faster than 4G, as well as being able to support more data and reduce latency in processing it, while also enabling the wider rollout of technology such as autonomous cars.

McAfee’s chief consumer security evangelist, said, while 5G would be a step forward for many users, it also comes with its own risks. He explained¬†“What’s going to happen is 5G is going to kick off like wildfire – everything’s going to be connected up to 5G networks”

“The bad guys are going to think ‘what’s the weakest point to get into the business or the home?’, use that as a point of entry, sniff around and find what they want and the data is going to be out before you even know it because of the zero latency you have with 5G.”

It was added that to ensure your home and business are protected from advanced threats, you must take cybersecurity seriously.

“If we don’t have strong cybersecurity and strong privacy, you’re not going to buy a self-driving car,” he said. “You’re not going to have a fully automated power plant, none of it’s going to exist without the foundation that this industry does.”

“We need to have security and privacy integrated into every part of our life, it should be there throughout. There’s no point saying it should’ve been there before, we need to start doing as much as we can today,” he added.

Cybercrime is continuously increasing with cybercriminals discovering sophisticated methods to infiltrate your data. The best way to combat these methods is to ensure your team members understand the importance of security and understand the part they play in securing your business’ data. This can be done through regular training. To identify threats within your business our TechSecure Audits can identify areas that require urgent attention. Ensuring your network is secure will also protect you from many cyber threats.

To learn more about how HCS Business Solutions can protect your business, contact our expert team today!

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