5 Ways Microsoft Azure Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Microsoft Azure Can Benefit Your Business
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Despite more and more businesses embracing cloud computing, some businesses still have concerns about moving to the cloud. Generally, worries about network security, downtime, etc can often cause businesses to continue to work with their existing and often outdated technology instead of using a reliable cloud service.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an industry leading, cloud-based technology that provides full and hybrid based cloud solutions for businesses of varying sizes. As Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, its primary focus is building, deploying and managing services and applications, anywhere and at any time. At its core, Microsoft Azure is a Backup-As-A-Service solution, this gives businesses the tools they need to backup essential data with customisation for specific situations. Azure can protect data from your SharePoint, Exchange, SQL servers and your local files and folders. This data is stored remotely and can be accessed anytime it is needed.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure


When your business’ applications are hosted in the cloud, you can enable remote and mobile access for your employees. This allows them to access applications anywhere and at any time.

2.Disaster Recovery

Every business should have a disaster recovery plan, ensuring that essential data can be recovered if lost. Microsoft Azure’s high speed, global infrastructure can create countless options for data recovery plans. Downtime is equal to lost business, however, downtime may also cause reputational damage as customers are hesitant to purchase products or services from a business they view as unreliable. Utilising Microsoft Azure’s backup options, your business can ensure continuous service, even when a disaster strikes.


Microsoft aims to ensure that every effort is made to ensure that the data that is stored in the cloud is protected. Azure is built with the privacy and security needs of businesses at its forefront. Microsoft provides the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings when compared to other cloud providers. This makes Microsoft Azure the ideal cloud solution for all businesses, in particular, those who regularly work with sensitive data.

4.Gather Insights From Data

Microsoft Azure provides businesses with managed SQL and NoSQL data services and built-in support to gather insights from data. Leverage the power of your SQL Server in the cloud and use HDInsight to build Hadoop clusters to analyse data.

5.Microsoft Azure is Secure

Businesses who are not familiar with cloud security often worry that moving sensitive data and applications off-site may compromise their data protection. However, Microsoft’s worldwide data centres are designed to ensure data is protected. Microsoft Azure offers businesses a managed and monitored infrastructure, with off-site backups, along with a variety of security measures, such as; patch management, security monitoring and cryptographic protection messages.

Embrace Flexibility

In our experience in working with customers, we understand that sometimes an “all or nothing” service isn’t always practical. Your business may need or want to run certain applications on-site while others are moved to the cloud. This is where Microsoft Azure stands out from other cloud solutions in the market. Microsoft Azure offers a consistent platform that applies to servers that are running on-site, virtualised work-loads, off-site backups and information that is moved to the cloud.

Whether your business requires a hybrid approach or an “all-in” option, our team can help you find the perfect Microsoft Azure solution for your business! To get the most out of Microsoft Azure and to learn how your business could benefit from a Microsoft Azure migration, contact us today!

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