What is 365 Protect?

365 Protect is a Microsoft 365 add-on (not developed by Microsoft)  designed to increase the security of your Microsoft 365 tenancy.  For as little as €1 per user per month 365 Protect allows you to easily implement recommended security settings and threat preventions that provides additional security to protect your business. 

Why do you need 365 Protect?


24/7 monitoring, alerts and reporting gives you better insight into risks and user behavious allowing you to repsond quickly to potential issues.


Get the best security settings to protect against advanced threats

Persistent Threats

The average organization receives 2.7 threats each month in Office 365. Cybercrime is a growing threat, especially ransomware

Human Error

Nearly half of security incidents in SMBs are due to human error.

Lack of Awareness

It takes just one uneducated or distracted user to open a malicious file that can harm an entire company.

Improve your cybersecurity and protect your business.